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    Talk me out of a 300 rum

    Las Vegas in March, you might find over 6 rifles with eager sellers.
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    Talk me out of a 300 rum my rifle and gun club, every year we have a large get together, where we sell or trade our possessions. The caliber most popular on sale is the .300 rum. Might be too much rifle for many???
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    Baboon culling in South Africa

    You can send me a message with more Information.
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    Kill the wolf?

    Totally false.
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    Kill the wolf?

    That's the only cost effective way to manage wolves.
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    168 grain Berger VLD-H performance?

    I just killed a bull elk on the heavy side 2 days ago with vld 167 grain by HSM. Bullet went thru its lungs and exited. He run 100 yards and pile up. The distance was 526 yards. I use vld for hunting and targets, no regrets.
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    Best scope under $1400

    Zeiss but they come only in MOA. Sig sauer tango4 or 6. Tract optics is a good choice too. Whatever fits your eye best is what you want.
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    Why no love for the Sig optics?

    I have several Sig Tango scopes, I find them to be just perfect for my price points. I also own Kahles and Swarovski, Zeiss and Vortex. I may purchase a Sig Whiskey for my light hunting rifle. Obviously the glass in Kahles and Swarovski are better but at 50% less expensive the Sigs are the...
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    Suggestions, thoughts on rifle build

    Barrett fieldcraft is under 2k and weighs 6 lbs. Buy a used tikka and use it as a donor action. Many gunsmiths can put it together for u for less than 2k. Another choice is patriot valley arms
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    Scope Recommendations for ELR - both hunting and range applications

    Kahles with skmr#3 reticle would be my first choice. If budget is a concern try the sigtango6, tract or Nikon. Nothing wrong with NF either.
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    Building off of a savage action

    Picture of my ugly savage action:
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    Lowest magnification for 1000 yards??

    I agree that 10X is the minimum for 1000 yards shooting. I have used and currently own the Zeiss HD5 in Z reticles (Z1000, and Z800). Its nice glass and hunter oriented, however, to use the holdovers past 600 yards its too risky for hunting. Hence, I purchased the Sig Sauer Tango6 in 3-18x44...