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    Help me decide which unit?

    I don't have the chip so I''m not sure how it will work in the Montana. I have the 600 as I don't need the camera. It does a great job for caching and has brought me to within 1 foot of a cache. While caching we feel good if we get withing 20 feet of the cache and the Montana usually does a lot...
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    Help me decide which unit?

    I have both and for ease of operation I prefer the Montana. I can use the touch screen with gloves on and the screen is much larger. I use mine for Geo Caching where I need to be directed to within feet of the cache. I have had no trouble with viewing the screen in full sunlight while using...
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    Have any of you.....

    One of your wife's nylons stretched over the Objective end of the scope works well. It is invisible to your eye when looking through the scope. :D:D
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    6 or 6.5x47?

    +1 The 6.5 x47 is a great cartridge out to 1200 yds and will have less wind drift than the 6 mms.
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    Which Garmin to buy?

    I have the Montana 600 that I use for hunting and geocaching. I especially like the fact that you do not have to take your gloves off during the winter to work the touch screen controls. The only difference that I can see between the three models you are looking at is the camera and the price...
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    Whats the best map chip for garmin?

    Is there any chance you'll do PA in the future?
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    Are there Turrets available for Zeiss Conquest scopes?

    Check with Kenton Industries Zeiss | Kenton Industries They have some Ziess listed.
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    rifle attachment?

    I use the gunslinger as a side carry. I fasten the holder onto the hip belt of my pack and the barrel just as it shows in the video. Works great,leaves my hands free and have not had any problems in two seasons of use.:D:D
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    Guess that picture

    That was my second guess.
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    Guess that picture

    The back of Cher's head?
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    In Utah, a Town Digs Deep to Battle Prairie Dogs

    It sounds like they need to trap another badger or three and release them inside of the fence at the airport..
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    Best scope for *gasp* only $400?

    Check camera land, a sponsor, for the Vortex Viper. They were on sale, not sure if the sale is still on. Viper 6.5x20x44 plex cross hairs $280.00
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    Vortex optics??

    I have two Vipers and just ordered a third from Camera Land. All are 6.5x20x44 PA's. I realy like that scope. This one is going on a 280 Remington build.
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    How to gain more elevation?

    20 MOA bases or Burris Z rings or a combination of both should do it. The only thing higher rings will do is just raise the scope higher off the action. You need to have the scope mounted in such a way that the center line of the scope is at an angle to the center line of the barrel.
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    What is scoutlook

    I have an Iphone and Scout look places me on the North side of the house when I'm twenty feet away in a room in the South side of the house.:D:D Scoutlook uses a arial view of my location where as WeatherBug uses a road map view to show my location. To me the arial view is handier when in the...

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