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    Graham tx

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy.
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    Are the 3 boxes of 150 gr of the same lot #?
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    G'Day another Aussie

    Welcome to LRH and hope you enjoy
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    Winchester primers rupturing. Help!

    I realize this post was about a year ago but had the same problem this weekend with WLR primers. Was the lot # CLL552G? The primers appeared to have a pin hole on the edge. And yes it did not do the bolt face on either rifle any good. One rifle was a .25-06 Ruger with W - W cases and the other...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB - 6mm Remington Brass

    I hope you can find some. I've been looking for 6mm brass for over a year now. Finally ended up buying some factory rounds and pulling the bullets. Good luck on your search.
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    Question on 175smk seating depth in r700

    First off welcome LRH. Hope you enjoy. I've used the SMK, Hornady Amax, and the Berger Classic Hunter seated to magazine length and had excellent results in a factory .308 Rem 700. You may want to give it a try and see how that works.
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    Hello from the great state of TEXAS

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum.
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    The Rut is on.

    Great pics. Nice buck. Thanks for sharing.
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    Grip and Pull bullet puller

    It seems to work pretty well on the .284 and .308 diameters that we tried the other day. Also had some reloads in 6 mm that were 10 years old that we tried to pull and that didn't work very well. We even bumped the bullets with a seating die before we attempted that. For me the jury is still out...
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    Longrange accubonds

    With the I MR 7828 we started getting pressure signs at 2940ish. With out looking I don't remember how many grains that was. With H4350 we ended up at 51.7 with velocity a hair over 2900. Not a Lazer by any means but still respectable for the the .280 Rem 1/9 24". With this load I've been able...
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    Longrange accubonds

    I worked up a load with the 150 Nosler LRAB in the standard .280 Rem. and ended up using H4350. I MR 7828 SC gave me a little more velocity but H4350 was more accurate. Might be worth a try if you happen to have some on hand.
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    280 Remington Stiller

    Truc If you decide to go a little heavier on bullets we tried the 150 gr. Nosler LRAB and had pretty good luck with that load. My set up is similar to what your shooting and it's holding .5 moa out to 600 yds. H4350 seems to work decent with this setup however we got more velocity out of I MR...
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    280 Remington Stiller

    Great looking set up and it shoots very nice. Been a .280 Rem. fan far several years now.
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    Differences in .223s

    Thanks for the info JE
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    Accubond Long Range opinions.

    Some time back Bryan Litz posted his bc testing of the Nosler lrab if I remember correctly. You may want to give those numbers a try. I recently worked up a load with the 150 gr. in a .280 Rem and found Bryan's bc to be very close. Dont know how these bullets perform but hope to find out soon...

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