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    Point Blank Range sight in

    In the past I have always zeroed my big game rifles at either 250 yards (for my 300 Win Mag) or 275 yards (for my 7mm Rem Mag) in order to have the bullet no higher than 3” at its highest point which comes at about 150 yards. I am considering zeroing my 300 Win Mag for 300 yards but am wondering...
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    chamber reamer drawings

    I do not need a reamer. My brother is buying a factory rifle that is already chambered. We just would llike to see what a SAAMI reamer drawing looks like for the 300 WSM in particular.
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    chamber reamer drawings

    Where can I find drawings online for various chamber reamers? I have searched and searched but cannot find a website that has drawings for lots of different reamers. My brother is planning to buy a Savage Weather Warrior in 300 WSM and hopes to handload for it. He is concerned that the...
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    Vortex Kaibab $1,200 Binocular Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    Enter Me In The Vortex/Cameraland Contest
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    Long Range Rifles, LLC --- $1,000 Components Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The Long Range Rifles, LLC Component Contest
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    Free Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 Scope - Drawing

    What state(s) do you hunt big game in most often? Washington What is your primary long range hunting cartridge? 300 Win Mag -------------------------------------- Regarding your primary long range hunting cartridge choice above: Do you use factory ammunition? No If so, which brand...
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    quiet shooting w/o silencers?

    I would like to eventually have a home on a few acres where I can shoot my guns on my property. But if the neighbors are too close they would likely object to my shooting. So I wonder if someone has figured out a way to drastically reduce the noise caused by gunfire without using a silencer. I...
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    most reliable big game riflescope?

    I just wanted to let you know that I called Leupold today and they said that the erector in my scope was faulty so they replaced it. I do not know what an erector is or how it could fail or how it is attached but hopefully when I get it back the scope will work well for many years to come. Brian.
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    most reliable big game riflescope?

    I have mostly been a fan of Leupold riflescopes but I have had a number of problems with a couple of their scopes. This has caused me to wonder if there are more reliable riflescopes out there designed for the big game hunter. I bought a Leupold 2.5-8 back in 1993 or so and it went belly up...
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    how often to anneal brass?

    I just bought the Hornady brass annealing kit last week and annealed my first 50 cases. They were 300 Win Mag cases that had been fired and resized a four or five times. I annealed them before resizing them and noticed that it was easier than usual to pull the necks back across the sizer button...
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    how to reduce velocity extreme spread?

    Goodgrouper, thanks for the input on RL25. My magazine box is 3.6" and my throat allows me to seat the bullets to an overall cartridge length of 3.485" with the 200 Nosler touching the lands. So if the extra 0.5 grain of Ramshot Magnum does not reduce my extreme velocity spread and give good...
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    how to reduce velocity extreme spread?

    I would still be really interested in knowing whether or not RL25 would be a good choice for 200 grain bullets in the 300 Win Mag or would RL22 be better. If RL 22 is better why and in what way? Thanks, Brian.
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    how to reduce velocity extreme spread?

    I have had good results with RL22 in this barrel and the previous barrel but when using 180 grain bullets. I just figured I would use the slower burning powders for the heavier 200 grain bullet, thinking that I could possibly get a bit more velocity at a lower pressure. Is that not proper...
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    how to reduce velocity extreme spread?

    Thanks guys for the tips. I will try another 0.5 grains of this powder to see if accuracy is better and if the velocity spread is lower. If not maybe I will try H1000 or RL25. Brian.
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    how to reduce velocity extreme spread?

    My average velocity for 12 shots fired is 2960 (out of a Broughton 25" 5C land) and the extreme spread was 50. I did not check SD. I am 0.020" off the lands as that seems best for accuracy. This brass has been fired 4 times and I am FL sizing but minimally, still headspacing off of the shoulder...