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    Amazon Borescope....Is this for real?

    THANK YOU! Ordered one! I had a HawkEye for a few years and sold it to fund another project. Wish I still had it. I bought a few of the inexpensive, Chinese, larger diameter borescopes over the years but all had issues with clarity. I wrote a review about them on my web site. RVB Precision...
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    The LRH Annealing Article

    I built my own. Not too complicated. Check it out on my web site
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    What would you rebarrel a .270 into?

    OConnor said that if the 280 had been available when he started hunting, he would have chosen it over his beloved 270.....And a 280AI is even better! But be careful about feeding. The AI can sometimes be very tricky to feed from a magazine.
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    To brake or not to brake

    The best of both worlds is a brake that you can turn on and off....without removing it. If you remove a conventional brake you will change the POI..... Check out the rifle I built with a On/Off brake and the reasons I went this way
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    Prairie Dog hunt 2020

    $500!!!....a few years ago we would stay at a hotel in Valentine NE. While cleaning our guns on the tailgate in the parking lot, ranchers would come by and beg us to come shoot dogs on their ranch. Even offered to feed us! Then the Rosebud Indians saw dollar signs. Then you needed to buy a...
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    What constitutes “inherently accurate “?

    “I think inherently accurate is a misnomer. I think fault tolerant would be a better way of putting it” Perfect!
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    What constitutes “inherently accurate “?

    Inherent accuracy means no crazy load development....most any powder and most any bullet shoots great... I’ve had extensive experience with three “inherent “ accurate cartridges. 6BR 17mIV 6.5CM
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    New Gun Cart for Varmint Field and SASS

    In those pictures it has the Cowboy Action firearms. Two Uberti 1873 lever action rifles in 38-40 and Two Ithaca 100 double barrel, 12g shot guns. The pistols are Colt 1873 in 38-40
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    New Gun Cart for Varmint Field and SASS

    Shooting Cowboy Action you need a cart to haul the guns and gear from one stage to another. Also nice to have in the varmint field if you like to wander. It was time for a new, updated cart. Banged this one out this week. Tons of pictures and a writeup here: Hope you...
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    DIY West Texas Aoudad success with Desert Tech

    Need to know much more about this hunt. Outfitter? Self guided? License cost....etc. looks like you had a great time and nicevshooting!
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    Worst thing you have purchased for reloading

    Lee bullet seating contraption for the LEE 1000......You need to be a Ferrari mechanic to get it to function.
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    First time with a Manson reamer!!

    DM reamers or nothing at all!
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    More News on the 6.5 Creedmoor: U.S. Military and DHS

    I read an article a while ago about the 308 NATO round and why it was adopted. After WWII studies were done on the best caliber for a nato cartridge. The .277 caliber was decided on. USA vetoed the decision....the reason....” we have one billion 30 caliber bullets in inventory...the new NATO...
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    Shouldered barrels

    Most good benchrest smiths can make you a barrel that will headspace perfectly without having the receiver in their long as they were the gunsmith that did the first barrel...They will usually maintain data on your receiver for future barrels....Benchrest shooters might order a half...

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