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    Thoughts on 270 wsm.

    With those #'s, (IMO) no need to bother with the 150, your increase in velocity makes up for your -10 in gr of bullet. If you can get some Berger 140's give them a shot. I can't say enough good things about their product.
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    Flash hole deburring?????

    Are you using the same powder out of the same can, lot #, yadda yadda? I don't know how much it would change +/- from lot to lot or if it was an 8lb can you've had since 2000 and they've changed it since then. Just trying to throw mud on the wall and see what sticks.
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    I thought it was a good idea

    So a few weeks ago the kids and I were at a novelty store and one of my children got one of those cheap mood rings. It came with a card that told you what each diff color means and they got a real kick out of it at the store. So I thought as a funny joke I'd pick one up for my wife. So when...
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    270 Wsm

    Well, I got my hands on some magpro. I see how you could fill 'er up with this stuff, it's tiny. Reminds me of x-terminator. My local Sportsman's Warehouse get their powder in again tomorrow so maybe there will be more to be had. The Retumbo data I used came off Hodgdon's website. It lists the...
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    270 Wsm

    I haven't used a tube, I'll have to give that a shot. I'm still amazed at the overall length. That must be a long throat on that because everything I come up with shows the max oal for 270wsm is 2.860. Do you have any issues with seating smaller grain bullets and getting them to the lands...
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    270 Wsm

    I've loaded up some Berger 150's with 70gr of Retumbo and I thought that was compressed. That's with an oal of 2.845 in Remmy brass. Bigngreen, what brass are you using? Custom barrel?I've got a weatherby vanguard and I don't think I could squeeze another .010 out of it in oal. If I remember...
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    60gr loads 223

    The last time I tried to look up powder and charges and made a post didn't turn out so good. I'm still trying to figure that one out, hanging head in shame.:D So I'll just give you a few links. link: Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide link: Nosler: bullets, ammunition, rifles, brass, and...
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    Could I have found the perfect powder?

    kraky1 yup you are correct, I don't know what he heck I saw..........or thought I saw. boomtube I agree, just because it says on paper it will work doesn't mean it will be the best for my gun. No doubt it gets figured out at the range....................I guess "perfect" wasn't the best term...
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    Could I have found the perfect powder?

    OK, on paper, it seems that N540 and H414 might work well in my 270 wsm with a 150gr Berger and my 223 with a 40 or 50 gr vmax. One powder, two diff cal guns? Could it be so? Or does it not translate from the web to the target or through the chrono? Since Vit seems to be hard to find I might...
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    Microlon Gun Juice
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    Eastern WA GTG?

    I am going to be in the southern region of Eastern WA on May 4,5,6. I thought I would see if anyone wants to meet up at the Rattlesnake Shooting Range. I know during the week might be difficult for some but I will be there throwing some lead down range and thought it might be a good time to...
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    holes in paper ?

    I'm going to be heading out to the range to test some loads today and although the temp is not nearly as cold as what you have I will be doing some shooting at close range. From my ballistics chart I should be low out of the muzzle (because of the scope height adjustment) then back up to zero...
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    270 Wsm

    Has anyone used Ramshot Magnum (bigboy)? The fps, on paper, look good. From what I've seen they're getting it over 3,000 fps and one place shows over 3,100 shooting a 150 gr swift a frame.
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    custom build

    I had Marshal from Matrix bullets let me know about anther stock making company. Their "Tac-driver"stocks on a ruger 10-22 looks awesome! The cool thing is they can do stock for left handed shooter, right handed action, in thumbhole. Which is what was on Matrix's website that caught my eye...
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    Has anyone used matrix bullets?

    I got my hands on some Matrix bullets that Marshal sent me to try out. Here are some pics that I took today while reloading 10 of them to test. I have some Berger bullets loaded with Retumbo that I've been waiting to ty out. I got 70 gr of retumbo meassured out and loaded into the cases and...