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    Christensen Ridgeline Vs Blackberries?

    It should handle it no problem.
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    They finally did it!! 6.5 cal 155 grain Berger Elite Hunter!!!

    Great look forward to trying some out. Do they need tighter than a 8 twist?
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    300 RUM, 30 Nosler, 300 Norma... Which one?

    300 RUM is to long to fit in a magazine with the 230gr loaded long. 300 norma is great but needs a .590 bolt face and center feed magazine. 300 Nosler is an easy conversion from a 300 win and my pick.
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    Tikka T3 Upgrade

    I'm throwing up between getting an A3 or a game scout it will be for hunting so forend width for ease of carrying is a factor. They list the two as very similar but the scout tappers more at the end what are yiur thoughts?
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    Tikka T3 Upgrade

    I see your using a proof barrel is it a sendero lite and did it fit okay without to much barrel chanel being removed?
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    Tikka T3 Upgrade

    Great looking rifle and caliber how are you finding the game scout stock?
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    They finally did it!! 6.5 cal 155 grain Berger Elite Hunter!!!

    The 155 sounds like a very interesting 6.5 offering from berger the question is how dose it stacks up to the 147 BC and velocity.
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    7mm Blaser Mag experience?

    I put together for a friend a 7mm Blazer improved to replace his 7mm STW its performance has been great with 180gr bergers at 3100fps + in a 28 inch lilja behind R33. Where it shines over the 7mm STW is that he can magazine feed the long 180gr bergers seated long to the lands.
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    My new DDR 28 nosler!

    Got to love that paint job.
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    Leupold vx6 thoughts?

    The new V6 3x18x44 HD two turn is a great scope for hunting and not to heavy buy one you want regret it.
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    Best lubricant for a cerakoted rifle bolt?

    Cerakote is a great coating if you must run it dry as long as applying cerakote hasn't bound the bolt up from lack of clearance. They do a coating just for bolts called slick that doesn't need anything.
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    30 Nosler

    I have been toying with building a 30 Nosler 3000fps with a 215gr in a 26 inch ticks so many boxes.
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    need a little help deciding between night force shv and swarovski z5

    Something that you have all been over looking is swarovski will put a BRH reticle in the Z5 3.5x18x44 so with the 13 moa turret and the BRH reticle you now have 29 moa plenty to get you well over 1000 yards. I now have this set up on a light weight rifle and its the lightest most versatile scope...
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    Something out of the norm.

    Give us a run down on your load and how its performing for you.
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    .300 Norma magnum for hunting??

    Just finished load development with the new 208gr ELD-M in my 300 Norma magnum shoots very nice 3100fps the BC is definitely alot better than the old Amax verified at long range.