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    We had horse shot this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I read somewhere that some farmer had resorted to painting the work "COW" in bright red/orange letters on both sides of his animals so as just to avoid this sort of thing. Sorry it happened to you.
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    Ballistic calculating watch!

    You know, I took a look at that watch and decided to order it. I know that I'm gonna get slammed for doing it, but here are my thoughts. Currently I do my field ballistics on a Viewsonic Pocket PC (loaded with Exbal) inside of a waterproof container in concert with a Kestrel 4000. Now clearly...
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    Random Thoughts on Long Range Elk Hunting

    Hey guys, thanks for all the great thoughts! Cam - You sound exactly like what my first guide said, or rather what he said his father said. Hunt the area where you're presently at, not where you wish you were somewhere else. Yes, you've pegged me good. I like to really cover a lot of...
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    Random Thoughts on Long Range Elk Hunting

    The following are some random thought I had regarding my recent Montana elk hunt. In no particular order they are as follow: There is a difficult tradeoff between a good long range hunting rifle and one that's good at close range in the woods. My AWM in 338 LM is good on elk out to about 1000...
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    some pics from my south africa hunt

    BGH - Ok man, have you ever done it to me. You've pushed me over the edge. I've been thinking about going to Africa for a couple of years now, and your pictures have just done it to me. They are so awesome!! I've got the fever now! I'm on a mission. I'd like to really thank you for posting...
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    anyone use a .50 bmg hunting, lol

    I haven't forgotten you'all. It's just this work-job-thing problem I have. Hopefully soon.
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    Just In: "The Truth About Wolves in the West"

    Was running at the gym the other day and I looked up to one of the TV monitors to see a local news team covering a story in the metropolitan Detroit area about how someone found a dead deer up in a tree. It was draped over a branch about 10-12 feet up in EXACTLY the same manner as I've seen...
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    anyone use a .50 bmg hunting, lol

    Three years ago I personally took a nice 4X4 in Potter County Pennsylvania with a 50 cal BMG. HSM 750gr Bore Rider HP at 2700 fps does an excellent job of providing for a humane kill. The animal was literally dead before it hit the ground. I have pictures and will try to post them, but...
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    Just In: "The Truth About Wolves in the West"

    I was just reading the Shoshone Wilderness Adventures catalogue, and came across this very interesting quote (the swearwords are their's also): "THE TRUTH ABOUT WOLVES IN THE WEST In the August '04 issue of Petersen's Hunting Wyoming Game & Fish Chief Jay Lawson says his state's "generally...
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    ? Downside to Lightweight Rifle

    jrb co - I find that for myself, accurately shooting a light rifle at long range is much, much more difficult then it is for a heavier rifle. For example: my AI/AWM with scope and mag, probably weighs in somewhere around 17 - 18 lbs. Just perfect. Sets up real nice for very long shots. I...
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    Here's my Wisconsin whitetail hunting setup

    Re: Here\'s my Wisconsin whitetail hunting setup Here's a picture of my Wisconsin deer hunting setup:
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    Dream Setup

    Hello jrb CO, welcome. Glad that you could finally make it here. What took ya so long? Before we can give you an answer here, we're gonna need to know a lot more information from you. First off what are ya gonna be shootin at? Prarie dogs require a completely different firearm setup then...
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    My Elk Hunt...The Good...The Bad...And The Ugly

    Cowboy - Sounds like you're a local, of ?Montana? or the equivalent State? I'm sorry to hear that you haven't got one yet. Season's not yet over for you yet. Ian M - That's quite a list of mishaps. Laughed so hard I had to wait for a while before I could type straight. Glad to hear that...
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    My Elk Hunt...The Good...The Bad...And The Ugly

    Meathead - Thanks for your concern, but you didn't make the weather tropical. And your warning about taking lots of warm clothes make it much better to be safe then sorry. It's way, way better to have a ton of warm stuff and not need it, then to have it the other way around. With only two...
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    Getting Ready For Elk Hunting Trip To Montana

    Meathead - Thanks much for the info I shall pass it along to my outfitter. It seems that you are right on a number of points. Many of the guides working for my outfitter were not from Montana. Hell one was from Pennsylvania and another was from California; just to think of two off the top of...