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    160 Nos AB 7mm Rem Mag H1000

    I use 74 grains H1000 with 160 AB and Federal magnum primers for 3050 fps in my Sako A7 loaded to magazine length. I get groups around an inch at 200 yards and 6 to 7 reloads per case. Normal cautions apply that this is safe in my rifle but may not be in your rifle.
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    binos-low budget to midrange

    If at all possible go somewhere where you can compare them side by side. If you are backpack hunting in mountains then you want something light. I have Nikon Monarch 7 10 x30 and they have excellent brightness and clarity, are compact and only weigh 440g/15.5 oz. Definitely worth a look.
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    I need help with binocular choice

    While these are not on your list, have a look at Nikon Monarch 7 10x30. They are very light and exceptionally clear. Best of all they are a lot less expensive than the others.