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    Bullets: No time for expansion...

    use A-max... they start expanding 1" into the target
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    .243 87gr vid vs 95gr classic hunter.

    87gr vmax, i doubt you will get the 100+ to stabilize..
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    What blew up my gun?

    question, how do you clean your brass? normal tumble or wet processes?
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    Trued/tuned Savage vs. Trued/tuned Rem 700

    I have shot savages since the early 90's, ive had 2000$ custom savages, ive built them as well... accuracy is in the barrel, not the action... with the cost of savage actions, there is ZERO advantage to building a savage... known savage...
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    6mm Competition Match by MCR

    can u convert a 243 chamber to CM without cutting it back?
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    243 win, IMR 4451, RL 26 velocity results

    Re: 243 win, IMR 4451, RL 26 Ladder/velocity results you would think, but that's incorrect, due to barrel harmonics... example.. this 300y ladder test also as for the 1 round per load ladder test, read this, VERY good write up.. Sniper's Hide - Long Range Shooting, Precision...
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    Hart's "case saver"primer pocket swager

    any chance 1 of you post a pic of the brass to see a before and after on the primer pocket, and post a close up pic on the Tool Head?
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    Ballistics Programs (Web based & Downloadable)

    put in the true lazed distance, set shooter to 20°, it will tell you the horizontal "ballistic" distance
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    Ballistics Programs (Web based & Downloadable)

    if you're using shooter to do the angle measuring, it will do it all, but unless you're shooting over 15^, don't worry about it, it wont have any effect..
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    Longest Coyote Shot at 1,860-Yards on Video - 300wm

    Longest Coyote Shot at 1,860-Yards on Video The Dartman and his neighbor fire simultaneously to take down a coyote at 1,860 yards. One had a .300 Win. Mag, and the other had a .338 Lapua. Their shot data shows that the 300 made the hit. - from the vid... The Dartman and the neighbor...
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    Muzzle breaks / are all equal

    US standard for 223 is 1/2x28, 243/260/308= 5/8"-24 bigger than 308,IE 338 = 3/4-20 or 3/4-24 but if your "gunsmith" didn't stick with the standards, then you are SOL
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    Ballistics Programs (Web based & Downloadable)

    Bullet Data | Applied Ballistics, LLC G7 is the average over the entire velocity spread, and normaly that spread isnt that much, this is why only 1 number is used
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    Muzzle breaks / are all equal

    most multi port like this will work about the same i would NOT ever use a VIAS type, unless you like you and your gun covered in dirt...
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    Ballistics Programs (Web based & Downloadable)

    0.308 Sierra Palma (2155) 155 G7=0.214 0.308 Sierra Palma (2156) 155 G7=0.229