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    WTT 2lbs H1000 for Retumbo

    I’ll be around Lawton
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    WTT 2lbs H1000 for Retumbo

    I have 2 lbs of H1000 that I would like to trade for 2 lbs of Retumbo. Located in Colorado and will be in Western OK in about a week for a hunt. WILL NOT SHIP only looking to trade.
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    Non-belted mag for 700yd elk- caliber help

    280 AI is a great cartridge. I’m using 160 ABs and matching factory 7 mag velocities out a 24” and I’m about a grain under the book max. 10 grains less powder w/ the same result, great efficient round. I cant speak to the longer bullets as I’m running the 160s just over the book COAL. I know a...
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    Reloading the 280 AI

    Mine loves the 160 ABs. My AI is a lightweight gun so 500 yds is really the max I plan to ever use it. I use IMR 7828 and the load is right off Noslers website. I would also check hodgdons data and you can get an idea of some other options their. I know a lot of people like the 168 bergers out...
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    280AI powders

    I’m using IMR 7828, its what I use in my Wby so I had it on hand. I’m getting just shy of 3k w/ 160 AB and great accuracy. The load is right off Noslers website. I haven’t tried any other powders but out of a 24” I’m basically matching “factory” 7mag 160 loads so I was happy with it.
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    Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

    Congrats on the tag! I did this hunt last year in January. Really depends where you shoot them. Some places its just not realistic to get an elk carcass out. If you have to quarter it a good set of game bags are worthwhile. A cheap set of the game bags “Alaskan Game Bags” work fine for quarters...
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    Looking at sub 6lb factory rifles - need thoughts!

    I’ve got a Montana in 280 AI and it’s quickly becoming my new favorite. So far in the last year its taken 2 bulls, a whitetail and mule deer. 6.89 lbs ready to go and shoots exceptionally well. I ordered the brake from Kimber and its pretty tame, w/o it is a little more rough. A friend has a...
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    Heavy bullet loads for .243 Ackley

    I shoot the older 105 Amax in mine, my friend shoots the 103s. I know he used it last year on antelope and did just fine. He’s used it on quite a few coyotes and seems to be fairly explosive like the Amax I shoot. I don’t know that he’s used it on much larger than antelope though.
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    Heavy bullet loads for .243 Ackley

    So I guess I’ll jump into this thread resurrection. My standard 243 w/ 9 twist it shooting a full case of retumbo and the 105 amax. I bought all I could find when the eld came out. A friend has the same rifle and is shooting the 103 eldx w/ nearly the same charge and has had good luck with them.
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    Factory 270 win ammo for ruger american

    The recoil doesn't seem to bother my wife for no more than she shoots, but I will say that 270 American does kick more than you would think. I picked it up on sale and thought it would make a great gun for the price, which it has, but it is not the most pleasant to shoot. I put a limbsaver slip...
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    Factory 270 win ammo for ruger american

    Before I started loading for my wife’s 270 American the Hornady American Whitetail 130 shot good. The Nosler 130 AB trophy grade was what shot the best. I know Nosler has their new BT ammunition that runs about 30 a box. I used this ammo to break in a new 280 AI since it was cheap an I was...
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    New co regs

    This link explains well how this fund is used and how it works. As far as other groups using up all the money hunters and anglers put in I can say as a CO SAR member the use of this fund is not used on all missions. Mainly when gear is broken or there is more travel with more fuel used then...
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    Who loves their 257 wby magnums

    I couldn't get the 110AB to shoot in my wby so I went to the 100gr Barnes and I am getting about 3550 using 7828. Only used it on antelope and mule deer but have been very pleased with it.
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    New co regs

    Last year with the $3 dollar cost to apply for each caused a surge in applicants that would have made applying nearly a waste of time. At least with the $50 fee for residents you are going to weed out some of the people who may not be serious about applying year in and year out.
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    New co regs

    A lot of states are starting to do this. I had to buy a small game license last year when putting in for Utah deer and elk points.