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    TC Contender barrel

    G1, G2. 14" 6mm TCU...or 6.5 TCU
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    WTS VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm (30mm) Side Focus CDS, WINDPLEX

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    WTS VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm (30mm) Side Focus CDS, WINDPLEX

    99.5 % condition has very faint evidence of mounting... no scratches or dent,,,, if you look at the tube on a angle there is the slightest "flatness" to the way I can describe it... you have to look HARD to tell it was ever mounted. Comes with original box...was mounted on a Kimber...
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    40x wood stock

    Thanks for the reply....I just found one
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    40x wood stock

    Thank you
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    40x wood stock

    Looking for a 40x wood in good shape...let me know what you have...thank you
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    For sale/ Or Trade Remington 700 LTR with Leupold Mark 4

    700 LTR 1-12 twist .308 WIN 20" bbl 40x Trigger, all Factory, Never bedded, Leupold Mark 4, 4.5-14x50mm, M1 tuirrets, TMR reticle, Buriss 2 piece tactical steel base., Burris ***- align signature rings. This setup is like Brand new. Load development and validation only... Never hunted,184 Round...
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    FS Meopta MeoStar R1 4-16X44 AO McWhorter

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    FS Meopta MeoStar R1 4-16X44 AO McWhorter

    Brand new in box......... Here are the manufacturers specs and description:The Meopta MeoStar R1 4-16X44 AO McWhorter 549960 is redefining long-range precision with an adjustable objective that simplifies parallax compensation from 10 yards to infinity. The Meopta MeoStar R1 4-16X44 AO McWhorter...
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    What bullet should I try in my 30-06

    Do yourself a favor....Try a Sierra 165 HPBT Gameking and H-4350 with a fed 210 primer... Get the data from Hodgons website....Most do well around 58 grs or so....each is different....but if you don't find what you want somewhere with this combo not sure that you will....has worked in many...
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    .308 Winchester Still Has It

    I have a 700 LTR 20" Barrel.....never did a thing to it except adjust the 40x trigger a bit tighten the action screws to HS spec... Shoot H-4895 and a 168 Speer in a Lapua case over a Fed 210 primer..... gun is boring accurate!!! Shoots just under a inch at 300 every time if I do my...
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    Rem 700 LSS .300 Ultra