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    New Member, First rifle build

    You are right down the road from me in La Vernia!! :)
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    New Member, First rifle build

    Welcome from San Antonio! Great to see more Texas people on here! Awesome setup, can't wait to hear how it performs when you stretch her out!!
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    Triggers - JEWELL or Trigger Tech "DIAMOND"

    My Jewell was perfect first shot. The TT took some time to break in to have the same clean, consistent break the Jewell did first shot. now that I have 200+ pulls on the TT, I can't tell them apart!!
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    Who’s built their own range?

    I second they have great sales throughout the year, sign up for their newsletter. I have used a 5 gallon paint bucket, 50lbs concrete and a 2x4 which the shoot steel silhouettes sit on perfectly with their attachment hardware. For the circular targets, t-posts are the way to go...
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    Hello from San Antonio!

    Active duty Army stationed at Fort Sam Houston - love long range shooting, hunting (shorter range for now because that is all that is available!), enjoy reading the forums and seeing everyone help each other out! Looking forward to talking with everyone! -J