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    H1000 and Others on Hodgdon website

    No im good on powders. I went through check out just short of paying. Sorry for getting hopes up! 😖
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    H1000 and Others on Hodgdon website

    Get it while you can!
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    Powder at powder valley

    It took me 4 tries before it finally went through. Makes me wonder if they release certain quantities at a time? If they have 50 in the warehouse they only list 5 and when those sell they list 5 more and continue until the stock is gone.
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    Powder at powder valley

    Everyone is raiding it! It took a few tries to get through checkout but I managed to get some H4350
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    Powder at powder valley

    Get it while you can
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    8lbs Staball at Midway

    Staball 8lbers and a few others
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    Natchez has N550 and 20N29

    Only 1lbs for N550 and 8lbs for 20N29
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    CCI #200 at Midway

    They charged me so i hope it wasnt a glitch. I should have had my son post the notification. His phone kung fu is stronger than mine
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    CCI #200 at Midway

    Midway has CCI #200 large rifle primers. Just got my order confirmation email
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    Hodgdon website has Retumbo

    Wow this is ridiculous how fast things are going
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    Hodgdon website has Retumbo

    They only the 1# but it's something
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/WTT Bijou Creek 338LM on Stiller TAC 338

    Reposting. Built by Bijou Creek in 2014. Time and work have kept the round count at 4--- now that I have time I cant do anything bigger than a .308. Im new here but have been on gunbroker for a while (BigBlue21). Stiller TAC 338 action Spiral fluted bolt/ M-16 extractor 28" rock creek stainless...
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    Tool to to help online transactions

    I'm not very tech savvy and this isnt a guaranteed way to sniff out scammers but just another tool to help add reassurance to those involved. Before anyone commits you could to do a facetime, zoom meeting or some other type of online face to face. It might be a hassle but at least you can put a...
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    Lightweight 284win Nucleus LA w/ bartlein barrel and mcmillan stock.

    Same name. Do a search for "Mahalo" instead on the hide and youll find it. Sold on Sept 8 to brianc74