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    Wheres all the powder

    I was just passing through Locke, NY on vacation. Went into a small gun shop called Franklin Shooting Supplies (315-497-0893) and thought I would ask about powder. I bought 2 pounds of H1000 and 2 pounds of Varget and they acted like I was some kind of madman for being so happy about finding...
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    Riddle me this? Ballistic calc vs reality mismatch...

    Have you tried tinkering with the scope height input?
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    Which pack?

    This past year I switched to the Mystery Ranch Marshall and I'm super happy with it. Huge payload capacity, very adjustable, removable day pack, meat shelf... it's a workhorse.
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    Bipod broke my stock!!! Ever seen this?

    You’ve missed the point. Nowhere did the printed material state that a bipod is not recommended.
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    Bipod broke my stock!!! Ever seen this?

    OP stated that it was not advertised or stated in specifications that a bipod is not acceptable. It was only in retrospect, when he called about the failure, that they told him verbally that a bipod is not advised. My understanding is that he had no idea.
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    Explanation anyone?

    When I make 6.5-06 out of 25-06, I use my Dremel tool to grind away the 25 portion of the head stamp so I can keep them straight.
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    Shoulder surgery...when we’re you able to shoot again?

    In January of this year I had a repair of a complete tear of the supraspinatus along with repair of a "SLAP" tear (superior labrum anterior posterior), tedonesis of long head biceps tendon, and ground down bone spurs. For four months, it was passive range of motion, no lifting anything heavier...
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    Virgin brass, or once fired!

    dxlbaile, et al: You're right, this really has me thinking about seating depth on my reloads. I think I'll try moving seating depth out by the amount of headspace in new brass as a starting point. Tell me if you agree, but this is probably much less an issue, if an issue at all, with belted...
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    270wsm vs 30-06 vs 280ai

    I'm curious Canhunter35, what was the final diagnosis with that 2-mile elk? Did the bullet fail to penetrate? Did it pencil through? Just not a hit to the vitals? Also, do you know the 30-06 load; bullet and velocity?
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    Comfortable shooting magnum caliber

    You can fire factory 280 Rem rounds in a 280 AI and save the now fire-formed brass for when you start reloading. The 280 Rem is already a really nice cartridge with fine ballistics and manageable recoil. I really like the 140 grain Federal Fusion.
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    Thanks guys, I just picked up an 8-pounder of RL26 at Midsouth. I already had 2 pounds each of H1000 and Varget on the way. Things are looking up!
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    6.5-06 Retumbo Quickload request or info

    Custom '98 Mauser 6.5-06, 26" barrel of unknown heritage, really nice piece of fiddleback walnut. I love this rifle with 125 Nosler partitions. .5" at 100 yards, kills like a howitzer at 400 yards.
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    300 WM Sako AV

    How does it shoot?
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    Scope that won't break on 300 win mag

    I'm not sure how strapping a rifle to a lead sled is going to impart more stress on a scope. On the stock and on the recoil lug, sure. The scope (and mounting system) only receives stresses from the acceleration/deceleration of the receiver, which will be less on a lead sled. What am I missing?

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