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    Hauling boned out meat on a bike?

    I killed a bull in Co. in Sept. muzzleloader season and my Brother and myself hauled it out with fat bikes with Bob trailers. We packed him out about 3 miles on foot to our bikes and 2 miles from there to camp. The actual bike pack out was on 2 track road with a mix of uphill and level road...
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    Vortex diamondback hp reviews

    I got one recently and I think they are great for the money. Seem to have really good glass, side focus, and good power ranges. I got the 3-12 and the field of view does seem very small but isnt a big deal for me.
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    Barnes LRX success...

    Bulletproof samples does this, you can get them from Brownells
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    My o/u bird gun is a Remington Premier 20 gauge.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FOUND!!! WTB Factory Remington 700 Stock SA in camo

    Re: WTB Factory Remington 700 Stock SA in camo Sent you a PM.
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    Varget and retumbo powder

    Last time I bought Retumbo I paid 25 bucks for a pound and Varget was about the same. Everything associated with reloading has skyrocketed and has become hard to find, so I guess its just a matter of how bad you want/need it.
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    Just a little teaser

    I like it A LOT!!!
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    Federal Barnes 3" 20 guage tipped slug

    Federal is making their own copper slugs called the Trophy Copper, it is a 5/8 oz slug at 1900fps in a 3 inch. I know its not the same but maybe worth looking into. Hope this helps out.
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    338 ultra Nosler custom brass

    Could someone tell me the reason why 338 ultra brass only comes in 25 count and costs so much more per case than say the 300 ultra cases? Same as the 300 wsm, dont understand the price and quantity diff. Who wants 25 when you can have 50?
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    Matrix Bullets

    Deer,bear,elk,paper-maybe 600 yds
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    where do you get

    Hey Chad, painted a couple of my stocks like that. the spray cans I used were called trunk paint and I think it was automotive paint. Just primered stocks and then sprayed with the trunk paint. turned out really nice. Good luck!
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    Matrix Bullets

    Been thinking of trying the 265 grain Matrix FB in my 338 Ultra, anybody use these? If so how do they shoot, how do they perform on game, and do they retain much weight? Thanks guys!
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    twist rate in sendero

    I have a remington sendero in 300 weatherby and am trying to find out for sure what the twist is. All info ive found say either 10 or 12. Anyone know for certain? thanks
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    "Enter me in the Huskemaw scope contest"
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    Custom Breech Plug

    Check out eabco website. They have something similar I believe