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    How Do You Hunt Squirrels?

    I gave up Whitetail hunting 35 years ago in favor of Squirrels. I focus all of my hunting effort on them alone. The hunting is fun, the action is exciting & the reward on the plate does not require processing of any sort. I hunt with a 1965 Browning Auto 5 12 ga, which, I removed from its box in...
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    How Do You Hunt Squirrels?

    Why kill what you won't eat? That is cruel.
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    Brass cleaning issue

    Absolutely. Price too high? Buy once, cry once. Good tools beat cheap tools every time.
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    What constitutes a "FULL" custom rifle build? ...

    Full custom requires laying out lots of money, waiting lots of time & losing lots of sleep.
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    Understanding the 308 win Seymour, If you peruse the attached thread you will see dozens & dozens of kills beyond 300 yards with a 308 & 155 gr Scenar's from Lapua. Pictures are worth a 1000 words. I own five 308's. I have one load I can use in...
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    Range Pet Peeves!

    Love that RB !!
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    Range Pet Peeves!

    Or, know the difference between your & you're.
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    Weatherby torque spec’s are 55 in/lb’s. Don’t reckon Kimber’s requirement is too far fetched. If anybody knows, the manufacturer should.
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    Ruger 77 Rebarrel Help

    Ruger’s are no harder to ‘smith than any other gun. Their investment cast metallurgy requires more expensive tooling on the ‘smith’s part. They already have the tooling for more run-of-the-mill rifles which they can make lots of money from. They are simply unwilling to learn new tricks. The...
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    Ruger 77 Rebarrel Help

    How does the 30 Nosler compare to the Dakota? Gotta be nearly equal, right?
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    New barrel

    Which cartridge is your Wby chambered in?
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    If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?

    12 ga SmokePole 7 Wby Mk V 308 Winchester Sako 85 Finnlight
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    Brass manufacturer difference?

    Brass has differing internal volume from one manufacturer to another. Norma cases locked the bolt in my custom rifle with the lowest level starting charges while Remington brass allowed the same charges up to top velocity without issue. Remington brass is more malleable. It is my go-to market...

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