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    Neck tension and max bullet grip force

    After almost 30 years of reloading I have killed another culprit which cause flyers - Neck Tension. After resizing without the ball expander in die, I run all cases through a mandrel to ensure that neck tension is the same. I regularly anneal necks. After sonic cleaning brass to get rid of...
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    Legit Company>??

    If the bargain is too good to be true - stay away if everything does not add up.
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    How does chopping a barrel alter velocity nodes?

    It could be up to 30-40 fps per inch. Difficult to say - it may vary caliber to caliber and bullet weight to bullet weight. My advise is not to go below 22". Otherwise is is perhaps just good to buy another rifle.
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    barnes ttsx or nosler partition

    Velocity might very results. However, the Barnes is a excellent bullet. The Partition would probably gives you a larger mushroom which contributes to a better blood channel. Somehow I have seen Kudu running much further with Barnes bullets in my .270Win behind the shoulders. I can only gues...
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    How much case length growth measured base to shoulder should one expect with first firing?

    That shell holder set seems to be a good idea. My 30-06 also grow cases to 0.004". I have adjusted my sizer die to bump the shoulders only 0.002". This is important to prolong the life of the case.
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    Barnes TSX bullets

    I agree that Barnes bullets are rated one of the best hunting bullets, but through years I have experienced that the expansion could be better. From .270Win bullets recovered from a Kudus the Barnes TSX 150gr had a mushroom of 12.5mm with +-97% weight retention whereas a Hornady Interbond 150gr...
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    Grouping Questions

    +1 for Jud96. It is a good start to eliminate the problem.
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    Magnum primer suggestions for 300 win

    Then preperation is 100% and that is not the cause for the extreme spread. I realy think a change to Fed215Match primers will do the thing for you. Federal is known for lower extreme spreads. But remember you need to fine-turn the load to the primer - It is like turning a carburator on an old...
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    Magnum primer suggestions for 300 win

    High exstreme spread is caused by inconsistent components. For a start you must weigh your cases in groups, then only use those that you have the most of in one group. You need to trim them all to the same length, debur case mouths and anneal at least after every 3 shots. You could also debur...
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    What’s going on here?

    +1 on this one. The shavings are enormous. Something is wrong with the setup of seater die. Back out the die body from the press at least 1/2 turn and re-adjust the seating stem. Check it out and let us hear from you again.
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    Harrells powder dispenser anybody use?

    I use one of them for more than 10 years. Excellent and the most consistent of all powder measures. What I enjoy the most is the click system and measurement adjustment. You can also repeat loads with 100% precision by turning the adjustment knob back to the original setting. Furthermore one...
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    Best small rifle primer

    Federal 205 Match is my first choise, then CCI BR-4.
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    Federal 210 Primers Not firing

    +1 on this. I never had one misfire in several gun with Federal primers over my 30+ years of reloading. Federal primers ignite much quicker than other brand - that's why the ordinary brand of Federal is not recommended for semi-auto rifles (slam-fire). I would say that you probably sized the...
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    Dents/Crimp on shoulder cause?

    For sure it is too much lube. If you are using Redding Die, it is not equiped with the vent hole. So in that case you need to be very careful with too much lube.
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    Hand priming tools

    1) RCBS 2) Hornady 3) Frankfort 4) Lyman 5) Lee