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    .300 RUM w/200gr Accubonds

    I use rl-33 with 200 accubonds in my 300 rum. That was my Alaskan moose load, I'll probably be switching to a 180 grain load.
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    181 HH, 300 RUM

    following this
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    Christensen Ridgeline, Seekins PH2 Havak or Proof Elevation?

    I love my ridgeline in 300 rum. 1/2 inch gun with reloads
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    MT. outfitter recommendations

    Cow hunts are much easy to draw
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    MT. outfitter recommendations
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    Re-barreling a .22-250 / what twist should i get?

    I have a 1-8 22-250 with a 29" tube. My favorite so far is 53 vmax at 4000fps. (just a prairie dog gun)
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    New truck gun, what bullet?

    22 Creedmoor? 53 grain max
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    215 Berger vs steel plate.

    Don't you know elk are made of mild steel;)
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    300 Rum , LRH parts build

    What's the max mag length?
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    For Sale 257 Weatherby Mark V

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    For Sale 257 Weatherby Mark V

    Remington Sendero in 300 win mag. Has a Timney calvin elite trigger. shoots 215's very well.
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    For Sale 257 Weatherby Mark V

    Would you be interested in a trade?