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    Need a rimfire 3P gunsmith

    Thanks for the advice J.E. Custom. I have found two smiths who are well known for building great BR rimfire guns and are willing to take on my project. I have set the wheels in motion for both of them. I am having each one build a rifle on the Anschutz 54 action. In the end, we will see which...
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    Don't gripe to us...... blame all your "friends" who voted for the "O"
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    Need a rimfire 3P gunsmith

    Thanks Carbide. PM sent.
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    Need a rimfire 3P gunsmith

    Anyone here building competition rimfire rifles or know of a good builder? A little explanation of what I am looking for.... My daughter shoots 3P small bore, Olympic style free rifle. She is shooting very good and is serious about taking this all the way to the Olympics. I really want to...
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    Best LIGHTWEIGHT rain gear/coat???

    Hey Randy, Not accusing you of dissing goretex. I have had both good and bad luck with goretex products as well. A few years back at an elk camp I hunt at and guide at in New Mexico we had a couple of goretex guys who came and hunted with us a few times. One was one of their "scientists"...
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    Lowering "RECOIL" for hunting & Shooting

    You have mentioned that you are a big guy and weight is not that much of a factor, just recoil. A heavy gun will certainly have less felt recoil and will also help you shoot better. (easier to hold steady...... with a rest or bipod that is). My 14 year old daughter has a 338 Lapua that weighs in...
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    Best LIGHTWEIGHT rain gear/coat???

    I have never had any Froggs Toggs, so can't comment personally. I have heard others say they work well. As for PVC (plastic) rain gear....... I have had that, along with various types of plastic coated fabrics. Yes, the stuff is waterproof. It will keep water out, but also keeps moisture in...
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    Best LIGHTWEIGHT rain gear/coat???

    Sita gear is good stuff. There is a wide range of quality with gortex. Not the gortex itself but the way the garment is made. I have a Simms goretex wader jacket and waders. They WILL keep you dry! Simms is a good way to go, but not available in camo. They only make fishing gear.
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    Gun restrictions while hunting in CO

    Are there coyotes or other varmints our there? Dad could be coyote hunting.
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    Tyler does it again....

    Congratulations to your son! It don't get any better than that!
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    700 yard New Mexico mulie

    Mitch, I use Applied Ballistics, by Brian Litz and also BulletFlight. I like them both and kind of go back and forth but Applied Ballistics seems to be the one I end up using when the chips are down. I am using a Droid RAZR, I think both are available on Iphone. Most of the ballistic apps...
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    You know, when you are "overgunned" you sometimes kill those deer "too dead"....... :D:D:D:rolleyes:
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    700 yard New Mexico mulie

    A couple of weeks or so ago I took my 14 year old daughter on a cow elk and mule deer hunt. We hunted a private ranch near Truth or Consequences in the Gila. I have been hunting and guiding on this ranch for over 10 years. A buddy from TN was also with us and had a cow and deer tag as well...
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    ELR? Elk

    Whitesheep, Yes, Bravo 4 is the real deal. He is a good friend, and a great shot. If he says he shot an elk at whatever yards you can take it to the bank!! Good shooting buddy, congrats and thanks for telling the story!!
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    Spin drift and Coriolis at 1000+

    Applied Ballistics, as well as BulletFlight and Shooter apps are all available at the google play store. I have all three loaded on my Droid. Any one will do both spin drift and coriolis.