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    Bullets That Were MIA for 2021

    Berger .264 140gr vld target
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    Matrix Bullets

    I need some of the matrix .277 165gr vld if anyone has some they don't need. I hope they start making that bullet again.
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    What cartridge/bullet for hog hunting?

    In Tennessee I've killed em with 270wcf, 270wsm, 6.5cm. Shot placement is key. Vitals or right below the ear.
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    139 lapua scenar vs 140 berger t-vld

    My gun loves bergers over h4350. However, they're rarer than hens teeth and I'm down to my last 200 or so. I'm thinking of trying the 139gr scenar. I know every gun likes different recipes but are they on par with the bergers quality wise? I of course know that the bc is slightly lower...
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    Caliber change........HELP!

    Thanks. Where's it located.
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    Caliber change........HELP!

    Wow. Lots of love for the 270wsm. You guys have got me rethinking what I want to do now. I wish I could still get those 165gr matrix bullets!! Dang it!
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    Caliber change........HELP!

    I've used this rifle previously for ridge to ridge hog hunting 800yd and in. I've been shooting 165gr matrix over rl26 with excellent results( consistent under 3/4 moa) However I cant get the bullets now. Maybe I'll just go to a faster twist barrel.
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    Caliber change........HELP!

    Alright guys. So I got a m70 win coyote .270wsm. I want to have it rebarreled. Who can I send it to? What cartridge, twist etc should I go with?
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    Mcgowen vs shilen vs criterion

    Anyone with experience with these 3 barrels please speak up. I'm buying one for a savage 110. I've used shilen and criterion with great results. But I was kinda wanting to try a mcgowen. Sell me or turn me away.
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    Powder Valley

    I've used PV since I learned of them. Several years back. Now they're the only place I'll use! Period
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    Help with classifieds?

    I was also wondering about this, so I appreciate this thread
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    Ramshot magnum

    I've seen a few powders come into stock only to be sold out just as quick but so far no Ramshot powders. Anyone got any insight on ramshot powders?
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    I've used it in 6.5cm and 243win. My 243 loves it.
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    Thoughts on neck turning

    Gentlemen, thanks for all the input. I think I'm gonna give it a shake.