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    Sub $1000 scope?

    Weaver tacticle 3x15 or 4x20 should also be mentioned. The 36T Weaver is what I used on a 6PPC when I competed in point blank. Today Weaver is still around although they have had company issues off and on for along time. There glass will be on par with anyone in the price point they are in...
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    Mill-dot ranging, target sizes?

    Write a letter and an email. Letters work well phone calls do not
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    Mill-dot ranging, target sizes?

    Call the game wardens in the units that you hunt. They will have plenty of data for each age class of animal. This is the approach I use If your looking at a buck/bull you need to age him that will go along way toward having a more accurate guestimate to actual back to briskit size. The haunch...
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    Proper long range shooting technique?

    The Basics, Starting Out - Online Magazine and Forums Go through all the basics. It is best to use a video camera to document your progress. This will also give you an insight as to where your technique may not be optimum. Once you can identify those breakdowns, you can...
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    Coyote 243 Bullet Choice

    Isn't finding best accuracy at highest velocity of an appropriate projectile a statement on ethics to promote longer ranges? I have my own standards within the capabilities of the firearm I have in my hands. By developing and testing at the range I build confidence in both my abilities and the...
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    I had a Williams peep on my 760 pump. I'm now north of 40 and my eyes are not what they once were. I decided that the 1.5-4.5 with the firefly was the answer to my dilemma. Well I wish I left that alone. The scope works well mounted in redfield rings/base lapped etc. The problem is the carry is...
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    does recoil efect accuracy?

    Look at the point blank bench rest barrel It is short and fat. This mass creates stiffness and has more area to absorb/dissipate vibration. Also by adding mass you reduce the amount of total felt recoil as well as delay the effect due to momentum. From the time the sear breaks till the bullet...
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    Carlos Hathcock .30-06

    Why the powers at hand chose Redfield's 3-9X variable as the standard scope dumbfounds me. It was one of the least repeatable rifle scopes on the market at the time. In the late '70's or early '80's, the services finally shifted to a Unertl 8 or 10 power scope with improved optics and internal...
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    Carlos Hathcock .30-06

    One of my uncle's was detached to Hill 55 as a Seabee. He told me that when he was to go on patrol that once a month before she was killed was terrifying . If you watch Saving Private Ryan the left handed sniper is using a Unertl. This will give you an idea of what had to be done to reset the...
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    Vortex Recon 10x50 R/T Spotting Scope Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Vortex/Cameraland Contest".
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    Coyote 243 Bullet Choice

    39gns of Varget with a mollied bullet. I see 3350ish in winter temps(below 10 degrees F) If you have a 10twist The only thing I have used that shoots well is the 100 spbt hornady. I haven't tried the 95 berger or Serria which have a pretty good BC. For a gun my best load is the hornady light...
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    Why keep both eyes open?

    Blinders are to create tunnel vision. Your eyes can process over 600 objects in a single second. This can and does create concentration lapses. This will also take you out of full beta phase (1 of 4 distinct brainwave activities) You can learn about this neruo science in many places. Amazingly...
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    Why keep both eyes open?

    Your also handicapping yourself for any kind of moving target. Take your shooting glasses and make a fingerprint smudge right in the field of view when your in the ready position. Scoped rifles are much less of an issue for this but if you wanted to ever shoot at running targets of shotgun...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 3 Weatherby Rifles F/S

    26" barrel??
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    270 WSM for Long Range Hunting?

    You can add the Hornady sst 150 at .525. The Nosler BT is a conservative .496 I can get 3100fps out of 270 win using the Nosler. This is 58gns of A3100 over a 215. It's well above what they publish now, but it was without a coated bullet. Molly or other coating should make for alittle less...

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