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    Well, Yesterday, I was shooting at 300 yards and in wind for the first 100 yards of the shot. I was also shooting through mirage for my first time. I had a coupe of fliers and was trying to figure out what part of it was operator error what part was wind and what part was mirage.
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    Ipod's and ballistic programs

    +1 For Ballistic FTE
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    What effects do mirage contribute in point of aim?
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    Lee Collet Die not sizing

    Hi everyone, About a month ago, i posted my brass wouldnt necksize back and the consesus was that the brass was work hardened and it needed annealing. Well, i tried annealing this brass (Fed Brass, .308 Win 3x fired) and still had the same results (no neck tension, zero, zip, nada). I decided I...
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    Lee Collet Neck Tension Question

    So the answer to my original question is that the cases need annealing. Correct?
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    Lee Collet Neck Tension Question

    So, when annealing, I just want to get the neck and shoulder a dull red/ Is that correct?
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    Lee Collet Neck Tension Question

    Im using a Lee neck collet for reloading my .308 Win. I have been reloading Federal cases (they were left overs I saved before getting my reloading equipment. The cases have beed shot 3 times now. About 1/2 of them aren't neck sizing correctly. They are really loose. I can easily place a bullet...
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    Jumping and Jamming Clarification

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate your help
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    Jumping and Jamming Clarification

    So you can't really use a bullet comparator to measure this distance? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to get the 180 grain Ballistic Tips to shoot in my .308 Win. I so far haven't had any luck. I thought I might try using a bullet comparator and set it to the same distance as my 175 smk...
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    Jumping and Jamming Clarification

    When we refer to jumping and jamming to the lands, are we referring to distance to the bearing surface to the lands?
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    zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50AO MC

    Try this link SWFA Zeiss Accessories Zeiss Rifle Scope Accessories Zeiss Conquest Sun Shades
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    Remington under fire

    I know this thread is really old, and I apologize for beating this dead horse once again. With that said, I felt I should post a reply here as I saw this exact accidental discharge happen yesterday and was hoping to offer maybe some information or warning. Again, maybe this is beating a dead...
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    best scope for around a thousand ,for dialing diatance,

    +1 on the Conquest. I REALLY like mine. Check out Cameraland NY
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    And yet another Newbie question

    Thanks for the advice. One question, I was trying to use only the collett die to reduce runout. I think im hearing this combination isn't going to work?