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    264 WM for elk

    I have a pre64 Model 70 264 win mag, as does my father, and another friend. We have all killed many (50ish) elk with them. We use Sierra 140 SBT with H4831. 62 grains works for us, but that is max load for most manuals so build up to it. Just fired a bunch this weekend and these rifles with...
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    Thinking about 25-06

    I have had a 25-06 for 30 years, same rifle. Easy to shoot and accurate. I used it on a mule deer buck when I was 18, 300 yards, and I ended up putting 5 rounds into him before he went down, all were in a 3 inch group in his chest. After that, I never shot a muley with it again and used only...
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    264 win mag vs. 7mm rem mag

    My family has been shooting 264 win mag since the early 60's. We have 3 Pre-64 Model 70's, my father's, mine and my brother. Thousands of rounds through them and I could not begin to guess how many deer and elk have been dropped with them. Where we hunt the average shot is probably in the...