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    Recoil reduction with suppressor

    I agree with what others are saying. Putting a suppressor on will help with the "blast" and let you be more comfortable shooting, which you may find helpful in spotting your shots. As to hearing protection, after 23 yrs in military working F4, B52 aircraft, hearing is something you take for...
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    Do I need a chronograph?

    Definitely recommend a chronograph. Magneto Speed is what i have and feel its a great one, but as others have stated,, it may change your poi. I think JE and others have also nailed the reasons why you need it. To me it's a very useful tool to have in my toolbox.
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    For my brother what caliber

    What he said. Also being from Eastern NC i know our great dane sized white tails don't need anything magnum and a 2-300lb black bear would be a "bigun". 6.5 Creed seems to be all the talk, probably would be a good choice. 30.06 is what my son and I shoot. 150gr. pills will knock down anything...
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    Cooling my heels on reloading for a bit...

    19 Badger I've found that IMR 4350 & WLR is also a great 30.06 recipe for 165 gr Nosler Partitions.
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    Lead Sled 3 Review

    I use my led sled in load development no problems, but no weight on it either. Bags work just as good, but I also use my sled at home to clean my guns on. That and its just a convenient general place to leave the gun when I'm working on it. Works for me.
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    Cooling my heels on reloading for a bit...

    Ahh,, you sound like you might have been around the block once or twice and learned you lesson well. I'm with ya there.......
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    Cooling my heels on reloading for a bit...

    Stocked up when components were available. Ridin' through "these times " just like the last ones. No problem. Now if "these times" drag on and on, may need to cut back. I'm not a competitive shooter, so I feel for those that are.
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    Been a good year for hunting so far!

    congratulations on 2 great hunts. That elk looks especially nice, 33yrds, thats called hunting.
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    Meat bull down

    Great job, congrats. As everyone is saying put the meat in the freezer if you want to eat. Thanks for sharing your story.
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    How often do you clean your hunting rifle

    I like others here used my military experience which mandated clean after every outing. Taught my sons the same thing. Years later learned about shooting dirty guns, blasphemy, my military mind was spinning out of control, I almost was freaking out. Started shooting fouled (not dirty) barrels...
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    Paying for load Development

    Not to sure how many lawyers we have on this site.
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    How many rounds do you have in your pack?

    I usually carry two magazines 4rds each and 4 in the stock sock. Piggies are fair game all year.
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    Chasing the lands.

    You're absolutely right, not many are willing to share their secrets, so when they do some of us listen and learn. And its people like J E who are also thinking of others when they see something like this video and believe it might help some of us "non-experts". Thats a big reason I like this...
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    Chasing the lands.

    J E thanks for this video. As a l-o-n-g time hunter, short time reloaded I found this method to be a great way to begin to find my seating depth. As a matter of fact I had just read about this method in an article written by Bryan Litz, so this video reinforces in my mind that I'm doing it...
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    Starting out on a budget

    If you get the RCBS KIT it will come with the manual, same with Hornady or Lee i think. I started with RCBS Speer bullets,, cheaper, but good hunting bullet w/in 200yds, and Nosler bullets and manual. Speer walks you through pretty thoroughly on setting up with your kit and getting started...

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