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    Do all Bullet for 30-06 AI?

    Absolutes hammer in 162 worked well in my regular 30-06 using Varget. Im getting 3032 FPS in a 24” barrel. As someone else mentioned, see the absolute hammer loading thread. There is a well kept data sheet you can download. Please let us know how it goes with whichever bullet you use. It...
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    Best Pack Food

    Cheap and light is definitely possible. Look at thru hiking websites and gear lists for folks doing the Appliactian trail or PCT. There are lots of options, but best to look at these and see what looks good to you. Most breakfasts and dinners involve a very light and inexpensive base of...
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    Muzzle Brake Recommendation

    I think this is a good podcast (Backcountry Rookies #133) interviewing the owner of Patriot Valley. He discusses different types of brakes, pro/cons, and his designs. A lot of discussion about where the blast goes. He claims his brakes reduce recoil as much as other very good rear angled...
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    Best pack for mountain hunting

    I really like my Mystery Ranch. There are often good deals on them and that’s why I originally went with it. But, I’m really glad so did. Very comfortable and can carry heavy pack out loads well.
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    Finally. i’m here FWIW lol

    Welcome from WA!
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    Ramshot Magnum in 33 Nosler?

    Has anyone tried ramshot magnum in a 33 nosler? I’d like to try it with some 250 or 265 grain Barnes bullets. I think it might work well, but I have not been able to find any previous experiences. Any info would be much appreciated.
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    28 nosler, vapor trailing?

    Late to the party here as I just saw this. I checked my hammer bullets and the hollow points are about 1/2 to 3/4 full of oil, so a pretty good sized drop. I used a #54 drill bit reversed (0.055”) to push into the hollow point and purge the oil out. This is from 162 grain absolutes in .308 and...
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    Mandrel as last step?

    Good question. That would be good to know.
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    Federal Brass Primer Pockets

    I’ve found that using Federal primers helps with the larger primer pocket. I used to use Federal once fired factory brass in my 300 WM. I found I could just get 1 or 2 reloads with Rem primers. I then saw a post somewhere where someone said not all primers are of the same diameter and...
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    Hammer bullets G1 B.C.?

    Here is a link to a calculator for the estimated conversion.
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    First post. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed information on loading these. Here is my info from loading 162’s for a 30-06. My goal was to develop a decently fast load with a powders I already have on hand, H4350 and H Varget. I have a standard mag box, so I couldn’t go too long...