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    My 338 Sherman Shortmag

    I use a 325 wsm die to neck up then go to 338 no issues but good lube is a must. I use imperial never an issue.
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    Zeiss 10x42 RF or Sig 3000BDX

    I was looking at the Leica as well but like the Zeiss not much in the way of reviews.
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    Zeiss v6 3-18 turrets?

    Mine are exposed turrets capped windage have not saw capped on these yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist just never saw any.
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    Zeiss 10x42 RF or Sig 3000BDX

    Do they now pair with kestrel not that that’s a huge deal but would be nice.
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    Zeiss 10x42 RF or Sig 3000BDX

    Looking to give up my G7 and Meopta glasses to an all in one rangefinder bino. I have my sights down to the Zeiss 10x42 RF or the Sig BDX. I’m a sheep hunter so I want good glass as I spend a lot of time behind them. I also run Zeiss V-4 V-6 rifle scopes. My question is what one do I go with...
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    My 338 Sherman Shortmag

    What would be a good starting point with 565 and 230s
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    Sounds like it might be worth a try have you compared to a ballistic app to see how close the two are.
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    So I decided to upgrade my BR2 rangefinder to the 2500 to find out that they are discontinued. What’s everyone using for a ballistic rangefinder i tried a Sig when they first came out but didn’t find it as user friendly as the G7 but maybe I will have to go back to that one any suggestions on a...
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    6.5 PRC with N560 or Retumbo

    Thanks I’ll be trying both 560 and Retumbo I do have a line on 570 as well the rest are ghosts up here right now.
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    6.5 PRC with N560 or Retumbo

    I’m just having my 6.5 PRC finished up based off a Tikka 300 win mag with a 24inch 1-7.5 twist barrel. I cannot seem to find any N 565 or H1000 kicking around, and I will not run RL26. There seems to be really good results and lots of info using 565, and H 1000. Has anyone tried N560 or...
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    Hey guys what’s the consensus on the max I had thought briefly about converting my 338SS to the Max version with intent on 270ELDX. what seems to be go to powder I’m running a 24” 9.5 twist I was able to get close to 2700 in my SS would it be possible to get mid 2800s with 270? I would like to...
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    Which PRC for my lightweight mountain rifle

    I used my 6.5-284 witch is is a mirror of the PRC just in a different case for everything up here in the north country, no issues with it on elk. My wife shoots a 6.5 CM and has taken numerous cow elk out to 400 yards with one shot kills. The 6.5 will do you just fine in that platform plus if...
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    My Curtis Vector Build

    That’s a very nice looking rig I bet it will shoot bug holes.
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    1.56oz titanium rifle to tripod adaptor

    If they hold up through testing you will be working in those night and day to keep up with demand. I think it’s an excellent idea. Like one fella mentioned hog saddles are heavy this would be a perfect addition to high altitude sheep hunters. Let me know when you plan to sell I want one for all...
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    Sucker for 6.5s

    Go to long range only theres a great write up by Broz in there Long with load data for the CA RL in 6.5 PRC