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    Arken optics?

    I haven't looked through one, but looking online I can say I wish it had a less busy reticle.
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    OnX app question

    I bought OnX when living in MT. I wanted to be able to know who owned the property I was on. Where I lived it was a checkerboard of private, forest service, and nature conservancy. OnX was closed during COVID and I'm a "show me" kind of guy. I was able to use it at a most basic level, but no...
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    Vortex 3-15 Razor LHT review

    I had not seen that one. It looks to be not quite so "busy". I looked through another model in the store, and my eyes couldn't tell what was going on below the center of the reticle. I'd just as soon have a single dot to focus on, but that's just me.
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    Vortex 3-15 Razor LHT review

    I've had my eye on one of these also. My only concern has been the reticle. I wish they'd offer one without the "Christmas Tree". Not to derail this thread, but do any of you use that feature when hunting? (the Christmas tree)
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    What age were your kids when they shot there first big game animal.

    My son was 14 when he shot this muley with a .243.
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    brass annealing machine

    I'm in over my head on this thread, but I watched a guy on YT (has a very active channel; don't know about his technical cred). He used a drill with a spark plug socket and spun them in the flame of a gas torch to color, then dropped them in water. It seemed pretty fast. Not sure how many you do...
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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    I'll chime in for fun. I don't have 5, and not sure I'll buy 5, lol! I doubt I'll ever get to Africa, so those really big cartridges are out. For here in the US, I hunt with a .25-06 and .300win mag. One can cover a lot of ground through the range of bullets for those calibers; from varmints to...