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    Want To Buy 300 H&H Super (mag) Forster Reloading Dies

    Looking for: Forster FL sizing die Forster Micrometer seating die Unfired Norma brass Thanks
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    I'm a sucker for "deals", help me decide if I should send them back for something better.....

    Send them both back. Take a breath. Call somebody in the morning.
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    Sandblasted SS treatment afterwards??

    That was funny. "Chrome Molly" is/was a bald head stripper from the Times Square era. "Chromoly", on the other hand, is her younger sister 41or 40 years old.
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    Too late to start?

    Being with your buds in "deer camp" is a lot of fun and a bonding experience full of memories, laughter & learning. As previously mentioned, deer meat does not need to enter your home. Give your wife the opportunity to visit family, friends or a spa.
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    Ruger No. 1 LR?

    Thanks for the info/reply.
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    Ruger No. 1 LR?

    AlphaDogs, What differences have you found between No. 1A and No. 1B, say in .30-06 or .300 win mag?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester model 70 Alaskan 375 H&H. NIB SOLD

    Where in the U.S. was this made?
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    Ruger No. 1 LR?

    The early ones up to mid-130xxxxx have/had Douglas barrels, so they would shoot better than the later red pad units. One heard that they were tack drivers w/o need for all the tinkering.
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    For Sale Annealing Machine - For Sale

    If current production 12 volt, I will take it for $350/shipped
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    Bald Eagle Priming Press BE1151

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    I would like to know how goodor bad a tract Toric scope is

    Japan. They use Schott glass as well.
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    Ruger M77 MkII Stainless .300 WM (Virginia)

    What part of Virginia are you based?
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    Bald Eagle Priming Press BE1151

    Looking for the discontinued Bald Eagle Priming Press , Model BE1151.
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    Ruger M77 Tang

    I have read multiple times that the mag box should be loose to the point of rattling. Otherwise, puts undue pressure on the action when torquing down the screws. To reiterate, no personal experience with this other than my smith doing it as a matter of course when bedding a newer Ruger into an...

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