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    300 prc vs 30 nosler

    Negligible performance between the two. Why not stick with a proven mainstream cartridge rather than the newest bandwagon round. Hornady will come out with another "cooler" cartridge in another couple years that does the same thing as the old reliable ones do.
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    I messed up and sized my hornady oal case.

    I use to tap the primer pocket but screwed up several cases in my vise. I can use a little piece of leather to grip the bullet and pull it out. Or use an inertia puller. I chamber the round, measure, pull the bullet back a bit and repeat a few times.
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    I messed up and sized my hornady oal case.

    Those are easy to make yourself. I neck size a fired case then use a dremel tool with a small cut-off wheel to split the neck. I use a diamond stone to deburr.
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    Paying for load Development

    I actually kinda do this for a tax write off. I "consult" friends on load development allowing them to "rent" the use of my equipment.
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    Deforming Nozler Accubond bullet tips

    Consider bushing dies with a little less neck tension. Or, have your Smith set the barrel back and rechamber with a reamer throated for the bullets you plan to use.

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