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    Washington Gunsmith Recommendations for Muzzle Brake

    Shawn has done work for me that I've been VERY happy with. First rate guy, timely, and very reasonable prices. Diamond T is his shop.
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    AR 500 TARGETS

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    barnes ttsx or nosler partition

    Berger's destroy a lot of meat. Barnes don't.
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    Changing primer improved accuracy by 1.5MOA is that even possible?

    I too am doing what you are in my 28" barreled 284 Win - trying RL26 with magnum primers. Did you back your loads down for the magnum primers? If so, how much.
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    Best 300 rum under $1000

    For just over $1,039 on Gun Broker, you can get a Browning X Bolt Max Long Range in 300 RUM. McMillan type vertical comb stock w/adjustable cheek piece, stainless steel fluted 26" barrel w/muzzle brake, IMO one of the best factory barrels around, three lug 60 degree bolt, spacers for adjusting...
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    Help on .308 reloading

    The post above says it all for me. Varget and 165's.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sig Kilo 2000 .New in box 420.00 shipped

    Please PM me when you get more. Thanks!