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    Done with 215 Bergers

    I’ve had very bad performance from the ELDM line. I’ve used 147 6.5mm and 180 7mm for hunting with very bad results. [email protected] hit a coyote facing me @570yds right in the center of the chest. Went down, rolled over stand up and ran away. [email protected] @170yds hit an aoudad sheep on the...
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    Tikka T3 308: Favorite Ammo

    factory T3x varmint stock. Just added a paint job and an adjustable cheek piece. The smith just added a device to the existing stock.
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    Tikka T3 308: Favorite Ammo

    Tikka T3x varmint 20” The squares are ½” each Hornady ELD-M 178gr PL: 1.318” Varget 44.5gr CCI 200 BTOL: 2.186”
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    24" 338 Lapua: RL33 to slow for 300gr EH?

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    Let's see your Varmint rifles !

    My latest acquisition Tikka T3x Varmint 20" .308 win. Added cheek riser, carakote, muzzle break, trigger spring, bolt handle, and bolt shroud.
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    Let see those deer rifles

    This are my Deer dedicated Rifles CZ-550 Varmint .308. This one is currently @ the smith for a barrel swap. Didn't like the 1:12 twist so I ordered some Parts for it. Bartlein 6.5 27" Sendero Barrel I'll chamber it in 6.5 CM Muscle Break MiniMag B&C Sendero Stock Factory set trigger is not so...
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    300 Weatherby Mark 5 action build

    I rebarreled mine to 7mm rem mag. Left it long throated so I could use all the case capacity with 180gr bullets. 27” bartlein 3b fluted B&C stock
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    What ia the best long range scope you have used ?

    after using a lot of scopes, I settled for a pair of kahles 624i as my Long Range scopes. They perform flawlessly and the optics are superb. I do have a pair of viper pst gen 2 for my range (practice) guns, zeiss and Swarovski for my short range hunting guns but to stretch out the distance I...
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    Bedding the Action on a Tikka T3X

    Mine is still on the factory stock with no bedding at all and shoots great.
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    Has anyone opened up a std tikka T3 bolt face??

    Watching how easy it is to swap barrels from a T3 I’d like to build a “do it all” rifle. The thing is I can’t find a Magnum Bolt for it anywhere. I managed to find someone who has some STD bolt face bolts for sale and was wondering if Incould open it up without having extraction (or any other)...
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    140gr Speer gold dot

    I believe they’re basically a fusion. Federal owns Speer and the “bonding” process is the same for both bullets. I just ordered some 140 gold dot for my creedmoors. Lets see if they perform as good as they say.
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    My first Aoudad hunt

    Yep. And you can choose the kind of hunt you want. You can go to the mountains and engage a spot and stalk hunt with all its complications, or you can go somewhere with a more friendly terrain
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    My first Aoudad hunt

    I went on a Aoudad hunt las december with a fiend of mine. This was a fully guided hunt in Northern Mexico and managed to get an awesome 35.5" monster. We located a herd that was covered by some trees around 250 yds away from us and my buddy decided to take a shot on what looked like a nice...