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    berger for moose and bear?

    Hi cowboy, thanks for the reply. Sounds like they did the job for you, how about meat damage on the moose? How far away did you shoot them? Think proper shot placement goes for all bullets :)
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    berger for moose and bear?

    Hi. I have a 30-06 that I use for lrh shooting, I use the 168 berger and run it at 2920 ftp. I live in northern Europe(Scandinavian), I use the berger for small/big deers and fox's, I like alot It shoots nice out of my riffel groups 1.5moa at 200 yards. I just like to have it in my riffel...
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    How Far Is It?

    650 yards
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    .308 vs .30-06

    what about the 208 amax, nice bc on the other hand might be to fragile for elk:)
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    .308 vs .30-06

    so you guys are saying, if you got a 308 there no point in getting a 30-06 because their performance almost the same? Thats like saying if you got a 30-06 theres no point getting a 300 wm? laying down for the slaughtering:)
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    .308 vs .30-06

    norma's reloading manual says for 308 150 gr bullet max load is 2850 ftp 165 gr bullet max load is 2710 ftp 180 gr bullet max load is 2625 ftp For a 30-06 150 gr bullet max load is 3120 ftp 165 gr bullet max load is 2930 ftp 180 gr bullet max load is 2812 ftp I would say...
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    Anyone got a 7mm-06?

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone got or has used a necked down 3006 to 7mm? I see more and more around my parts that the 7mm-08 is beginning to become more and more popular. Just thinking a 3006 shooting 7mm 168 bergers wouldn be that bad :) I know a few that has 6,5-06 and its a nice...
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    Butstock monopod???

    links pls :)
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    208 A-max for hunting?

    Does the A-Max preform like the nosler ballistic tip?
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    Long Range Rifles, LLC --- $1,000 Components Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The Long Range Rifles, LLC Component Give AwayContest"
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    338WM with 300SMK (vs. Edge and RUM)

    How slow velocity does the 300gr smk actually expand full? Anyone know?
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    30-06 Need help

    Woods How long a barrel do you have to get that speed?
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    Testing loads 100 or 200yds?

    Not able to get much time in the field where I live, range time is more. Thats why I asked.
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    Testing loads 100 or 200yds?

    Thanks for all the replys.. If you do a ladder test at lets say 500 yds and find your accuracy window, can the rest of the fine tuning be done at say 100 yds or 200yds?
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    Testing loads 100 or 200yds?

    When testing load development for the lrh rifle, what distance is the best to test at, 100 or 200 yds?