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    North Georgia Black Bear

    well done
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    FPS Check...

    my coyote load is a 55gr sierra blitzking backed by 26.5gr of varget and a c.o.l of 2.26 and i get 2800 fps out of my 16in dpms upper. i get aroung 3/4 to inch group at 100 yards with this load will be working on it more this summer. this load is not listed max in sierra book but always work up...
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    Long time coming: First Coyote!!!

    well done. that one was not going to last much longer.
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    Baiting coyotes

    i use rib cages, meat scraps and dog food i use a good bunch to get them coming and once they are coming i will make a meatsicle wich is dog fod, bones and meat scrapes in a five gallon bucket then fill with water and let freez. at my bait they will show up when ever they want. i have had pics...
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    check this one out

    i would of loved to see this one show at my bait. No. 1 with a bullet: 699-pound bear taken near Greenville – Out There - BDN Maine Blogs
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    Fall bear down!

    Well done. How far was the shot and are you going to try to get another bear off it or are you only aloud one bear a year.
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    a few pics of my bear bait

    shot him with a remington 700 cdl 30/06 with nosler 180 accubond right behind the shoulder tore up the lungs good. the shot was out of a tree stand and was around 25 yards. I dont no what im going to do with the hide i put quite a bit of holes in it skining it out but im going to get the skull...
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    a few pics of my bear bait

    wen't out last night at 4pm and sat out at my stand and at 6:45 a bear came out not the big ones in my pics but it was a keeper to me as this would be my first. so i waited awhile and at 7:05 i took the shot. The bear ran 15 yards and piled up. one down and hopefully i will get the big one next...
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    a few pics of my bear bait

    these are some of the pics of over the month i have been baitting. The season opened today and im going to try to get out of work erly to start sitting at it. What you think.
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    Tyler, my son, got 1st bear !

    well done. i hope to get one this year
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    Coyote from my bedroom @ 1054 yards.

    well done you ever find the coyote.
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    benjamin nitro

    just ordered a Crosman Venom dusk 22 will see how it does on crows
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    Videos of calling

    very nice wish i could see that far the view is around here 100 yards or less or if im in a blue berry fields i can see aways.
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    Lets shoot in the 230gr Bergers at work

    nice might have to pick up some 230 for my 300wm and your pics are not working