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    Jard J70 bolt action info

    Buddy had one and sent it back. *** were his exact words. Sorry. Paul
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    Picked up rifle after rebarrel - 👍🏻 to Snowy Mountain Rifles

    Garrett builds a great rifle and is a great guy to work with. I do all their fluting work and they are a pleasure to do business with. Paul
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    Got my squirrel rifle tuned up and ready.

    Very nice! A tac driver for sure. Paul
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    Having trouble sighting in

    If you have some, try a different set of rings just to see if you have the same problem.
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    What powder for a Winchester M70 270 for 1000+ yrs.?

    That's an old mt.goat! Lmao!
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    For Sale Lane Precision 338 Reaper!

    Bump for a beautiful rifle!
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    Just an FYI, 416 stainless is magnetic. Paul
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce NXS 5.5-25x50

    Bump for a very reasonable price.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Mcwhorter 338 Lapua with Leupold Mk4

    Sorry, but that is not a Borden action. Most likely a Stiller as mentioned.
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    My Lapua 300 prc brass experience......

    Highdrum, Yes it is confusing. I have had a set for probably 15 yrs or so. So, the way I use mine is to start with the. 010 holder, run the ram up tight, lock the die down. Size case,measure shoulder bump. If more is needed go to the. 008 holder...etc. But, here is the important part, you are...
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    My Lapua 300 prc brass experience......

    Yes, you are correct. But these shell holders are thicker than a standard one so the case will not go as far into the die. Just for fine tuning the fit in chamber. They will bump the shoulder less. Hope that makes sense. Paul
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    My Lapua 300 prc brass experience......

    These shell holders are made for backing away from the die, for less shoulder bump, not more. Paul
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    For Sale CA 6.5x284 - 26" Carbon (Awesome shooter)

    Beautiful rifle! Someone is going to be very happy!
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    Tangent Theta TT315M: Initial Impressions

    If it weren't for the "gay" name I might consider one. Lmao!
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    Cutting threads

    For one thing, the barrel is way to far out of the Chuck! Choke way up on it. Run the fastest rpm you can handle. Run HS tooling. Good luck. Paul