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    For Sale Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist 2 700SA $125 shipped

    As the title says. BC tactical Medalist 2 for a Rem 700 SA with BDL inlet. No bedding or pillars. Painted orange. $125 shipped...

    8C8DF40F-0D8C-4BDB-A7F5-80414AD4C437.jpeg A90C69FC-F734-473A-9174-1DE1A175C26D.jpeg 36EFA015-7F24-4594-B97C-EDDFBDF5C9ED.jpeg 08B670CC-2CB3-4A01-82D2-06CD0DD6EE1E.jpeg FD95D241-54F8-4BDB-ACAF-A032DB5B4D0D.jpeg 83F5FE4C-D6E8-4407-BF06-FB19106680FC.jpeg F61B0BC0-781A-4635-A005-AAF2425E8B8F.jpeg E2003033-0260-4558-B0F2-EBE630DBA985.jpeg

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    Dec 10, 2018 at 9:18 PM