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    SOLD/EXPIRED mcmillian gun stock

    are you digodell
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Yamaha tournament bow site

    new in box.yamaha tournament bow site.when you are competing with a compound box.$45.00 new over $100.00.never been used.can send 863-385-4996.can not ship it.will have to pay shipping charges yourself.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger scope mount base

    this is for a ruger pistol or in box.can send picture.$40, 863-385-4996
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    How Did You Find The Long Range Hunting Site?

    i have an items listed somewhere else and a guy told me about your I posted my items on here.getting alot of feed back on here.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED mcmillian gun stock

    let me know if you received the picture.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED mcmillian gun stock

    mcmillian gun stock for reminton 700ADL SHORT ACTION STOCK.very good condition.$80.00.can send 863 385-4996.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem.Gamemaster Model 141 35 cal rifle

    Rem. Gamemaster model 141 take down 35 cal. rifle.Made in 1941 near mind condition.also has ARC tang sight.$850.00.can send 863 385-4996.