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    What would you do?

    280AI or 284norma would fit for what you want. 284 has won a lot of 1000 yard matches. There are a lot of bullets in the 7mm arena.
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    most accurate .300 Win Mag?

    I’ve shot elk with sierra game king with no problem. 180 grain bullets
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    Building A Do All Factory Ammo Rifle

    300 Winchester magnum is my choice. I’ve taken it to Africa and shot many animals including crocs. Accuracy is the the key and it’s there even with borrowed ammo. I needed more and the Hornady ammo was there and didn’t need to resite my rifle. Used it here for elk and audad.
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    Opinions on elk bullet for 300 win

    All my elk have been taken with Nosler partition. Longest retrieve was 10 to 15 yards
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    AMP - Will I regret buying this?

    You’ll like. Many positive aspects. Its safe. No fire risk. Easy to use and put away. I’ve had mine before the newer version I upgraded and it’s still amazes me
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    Best low light glass?

    as a previous posted stated all my hunting scopes wear Swarovski. I have nightforce that are great too, but low light is the issue Swarovski in my opinion are the best
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    Powder for 300 wsm

    Just scored H4831sc on the hodgdon website
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    Best value in hunting tripods

    3x for Spartan. Very good equipment
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    243 win savage Shilen barrel

    26 inch Shilen barrel for savage small shank stainless match. 1/10 twist Approx. number of rounds 100. No scratches or mars $250 shipped
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    Best 20 gauge Semi-Auto for son

    A 20 guage is a lifelong shotgun. I still use mine to hunt hunt pheasants in an open field. Agree with buy once cry once, but enjoy a lifetime
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    Best 20 gauge Semi-Auto for son

    Beretta or benelli. Benelli is now owned by beretta
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    Fire forming

    Just my opinion, but I was going to form 280 AI, but looked at brass and realized it’s easier and cheaper to buy the brass and not go through primers, powder and bullets.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Javelin Spartan Lite Bipod Standard Length

    Javelin Spartan Lite Bipod Standard Length New never used The Javelin Lite weighs just 130 to 135 grams and does not compromise the balance of a rifle, making it perfect for hunters on the move, especially as it can be attached and detached in an instant using the ‘Spartan Magnetic Attachment...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bergara HMR. 300 win mag LEFT HAND

    Lowered the price