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    25-06 die set

    Found some, they’re all yours Loner. Thanks anyway elf and jgal72.
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    Well I’ll be damned. I thought it just cost extra. I don’t usually have to resort to looking on here for powder. 😂 Thanks for your help guys. I don’t plan on coming to CO anytime soon longrange. Thanks anyway.
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    Nice. Thanks for responding. How much before shipping?
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    Anyone have any unopened H4350 they’re willing to ship, let me know. Thanks.
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    25-06 die set

    Looking for like new die set for 25-06 Rem.
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    Hand priming tool, case lube pad...

    Still needing some small stuff that none of the retailers seem to have in stock right now. Still need: Hand priming tool Case lube pad Powder funnel Med. rifle ammo tray .308 Win. Shell holder of any brand
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    Reloading equipment

    TTT Items I still need: Rcbs #3 shell holder Case prep center/trimmer Priming tool Tumbler
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    Reloading equipment

    Looking to get my own equipment to start reloading. some items I’m looking for: Rcbs chargemaster or chargemaster lite Case prep center Priming tool Tumbler Case trimmer Let me know if you have any of these, or anything else you think would be useful for reloading .308 win.
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    Or trade-Reloading components and equipment

    I’ll take hornady calipers
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    WTB- Lee Classic Cast press

    Looking for a Lee Classic Cast single stage press. Been reloading with a buddy, and now ready to get my own equipment. Also, dies for the classic cast press, caliper, and everything else required to reload .308 win.
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    WTT Bergara B14 Hunter 300 Win Mag

    PM sent
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    Electronic Scales (Berry and GemPro)

    Simple misunderstanding fellas. I don’t believe Oscar was being condescending, however I could see why Larry would take it that way initially. Not cool to make comments like “do not deal with him” in public over a misunderstanding though. It’s not like he took your money. Good luck to both
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    B&C Tikka T3 fit

    Hey guys, first of all, I love my b&c medalist on my t3. However, I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of contact at the tang with the fiberglass material of the stock. The area I'm referring to is right behind the rear action screw. It's hard for me to tell, but I find it hard to believe...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: factory T3 magazine .308 win

    As title states. 22-250/.243/.308 are all the same.