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    Preferred impact velocity?

    You do definitely need both those variables. I read your original post in context of hunting which I probably shouldn't have. For my 6.5 prc I was looking at a 147 grain bullet with an average muzzle velocity of 2975 having a velocity of 1802 and 1080 foot pounds of energy at 1000 yards. For...
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    Preferred impact velocity?

    I have talked about it with a few friends and we have agreed it isn't about velocity but more so about foot pounds of energy. Right around 1100 foot pounds of energy is ethical for deer. I think how hard it hits is essential so I go off that.
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    Spotting scope upgrade

    You can definitely step up in quality of glass. Leupold is a great option as well as if your focused more on clarity than magnification maven just released a 12-27 for $1000 and it only weighs 30 ounces.

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