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    Redding Competition Neck Sizing ?

    hello, i have the same problem with the set Comp .308 win ((: already solved the problem ?? drwindmill
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    Ello from Switzerland.

    300 meters. here is very hard to find places to over 300m in switzerland. To .338 is a bit short the distance but I love to shoot, what I like is not only shoot but the whole process of reloading etc ... I buy my stuff in Brownells and natchezss here in Switzerland not selling Redding: ((...
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    Ello from Switzerland.

    Hello everyone!, first time posting on the forum. My inglish is not very good :D gun) Well the important thing is not the language but the humility and kindness, I signed up in the forum not to teach but to learn and share. My guns : Remington cal .338 LM Sako TRG 22 cal .308 Win HK...