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    Opinions on best low light ffp scope

    Ive had a couple Kahles. 5x25 and 3x18 both had nice turrets, good glass, but the resolution and parallax were just not a good as the other alpha glass. The thing that bugged me the most was excessive CA that both scopes had. CA may not bother some people but it really bothers me. TT and ZCO...
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    Opinions on best low light ffp scope

    You can usually find a 5-25 TT used in the for sale section here and on Snipers hide. You rarely see the 3-15M come up for sale.
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    Opinions on best low light ffp scope

    Very good choice goino with the TT. I have the 3-15M with Gen2xr and the H. Love both of them. Nothing else on the market I would rather have. For shorter range the hunter reticle is perfect for me. Have the M on a long range rig as the gen2 gets a little thin below 5x. The ZCO is a fine optic...
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    My long winded thoughts on annealing

    Petey, I liked your post, very informative and backs up all the positives I have experienced my my AMP. I was a very early adopter, had mine for years it’s the very first model Alex put out and it’s annealed 1000’s of rounds with zero issues. I’ve also had an annealeze, royal pain to switch...
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    tangent theta 3-15 hunter

    I have both 3-15M Gen 2 and the H. In my opinion its hands down the best performing lightest weight FFP scope on the market. Price aside, the only con I could nit pick is the M w\gen2 reticle is a little thin on low power. This is solved with the hunter reticle in the H model. However, I have...
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    5 minutes on cleaning

    Iv'e used CLR on Proof. Bartlein, Benchmark, Krieger and Lija with zero issues. All barrels shoot lights out.
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    5 minutes on cleaning

    It will certainly eat a bronze brush! I just change it out for new one when it’s gets fairly easy to push it through the barrel. I’ve been using CLR for several years on many different barrels and have never had premature wear or loss in accuracy. Like I said earlier if you clean on a regular...
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    5 minutes on cleaning

    I use CLR on my Cerakoted barrels and there is no issue. Just don't let it sit much more than 15 mins and you will be fine. Follow CLR up with Kroll or something like it to make sure you get it out of the bore. It cuts carbon very well, however if you neglect cleaning you will have to scrub with...
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    You are not enough.

    Very well said.
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    BAT Actions

    I had a Bat Tactical action several years back and it is was one of the smoothest actions on the market. Right out of the box it comes very close to my LP Fusion TI I'm running today. I had heard their tolerances so tight they would bind up when they got grit in them but I never had that issue.
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    6.5 PRC and Berger 156's velocities?

    I'm running 156 EOL's in a 22" Proof Carbon 58.6g H1000 - I ran into pressure at 60g Hornady Brass 10 thou off the lands F 210M Primer 2930MV 250 Rnds down the barrel Very accurate load but a tad on the warm side.
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    DBM for hunting rifle

    Hawkins hunter is what you want. Look no further.
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    V3 OR V4 Auto Dispenser combo

    The V4 is not out yet. The only units that are in the wild are the Beta units that only a few select are getting. The ones that were ordered back in the spring should be hitting in October. Should be plenty of V3's on the market after that.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fierce CT Edge long range package. Leupold Mark 5HD 300 PRC

    Thats one nice rifle! Is that a 26" barrel? What is the twist?