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    Maine Moose WMD 2

    Been guiding zone 2 30 year Send me a private message if you still need help
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    Remington 700 ML rebarrel

    Can I ask what is wrong with the original. I have one in fifty Cal that shoots great out to 300 yards
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    The effects of changing primers

    I have been very lucky over the years with using the same brand of primers Federal 215 for mags and CCI 200 for non magnums but primers are getting hard to find and when I do they are sky high in price .A few years back I bought a guy out at a yard sell .I have 5000 mag primers in CCI...
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    Long range for .25-06 Suggestions

    It probably the gun it self because I shoot B-Tips in 280,7mm mag 300 win mag and even my 338 Win Mag using 200gr B-Tip all out to 500 yards better than the 25-06
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    Reloader 25 on the shelf. Should I buy?

    Works great with 95.2 grs with 185 gr Berger Not quit 3350 fps in 300RUM
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    Long range for .25-06 Suggestions

    using 52 grs of IMR4350 the Ballistic Tip is great out to 300 yards One hole at 100 and clover leaf at 200 and 300,but after that the group opened up
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    If it.s windy check your decoys

    Who ever I am hunting with they ask me to back to the truck.They do not care what I go after just go .Never fails I get back to the truck and hear shooting
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    Long range for .25-06 Suggestions

    I have used the Berger out to 550 yards with very good results with IMR 4350 I get right at 3100fps with a 22 inch barrel
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    Moose bullets?

    The Partition gold is made a little differant than the regular partition The partition is set back farther
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    Moose bullets?

    I have a 300RUM I carry when I guide incase my hunter does not a gun that will not reach 300 yards or better The last three have been with 185 Berger,s two at 500 yards and one at 300 The best bullet for the 300RUM has to be the180 Partition Gold Accuracy is unreal out to 500 meters and...
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    30 IN T/C 50 CAL HAWKENS

    When Delaware first started black powder season for some reason they made 30 in barrel law .Not 28 T/C had to make the special length just for them .My cousin had a 45 and 50 I have them now With just 2 days left in the season I took the 50 out .At 8.30 here come some does At 65 yards the...
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    Berger 215 performance

    Just started working up some loads for hammer bullets out of my 300 win and RUM.but my hunter is getting one inch groups at 550 yards.It might be hard to get him to change.I just would like to know if the 215 will do the job
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    Berger 215 performance

    I have a moose hunter wanting to use them out of his RUM.I shoot them in my 300 win mag and 300 Rum.On paper they do great.but have never used them on an animal .I have read on this form how good they work.but I have never seen a recovered bullet to see how they perform.Does anyone have any...
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    IMR 4350 to H4350 in 30-06

    I have used IMR 4350 for 40 years and never had any problem with temps.I tested it one time ,It was high 80's and I left one set in my truck and another in a cooler all day.They shot the same at 100 and the ones in the cooler was 1 inch to left Still grouped ok