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    Waterproof Hunting Pants

    outdoor research makes a good set of goretex pants.
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    Blue thread loctite on scope rings or not

    I recently went out for some shooting and found to my displeasure that all 6 screws holding the picatinny base to the action were loose. This wasn't my rifle but I would probably throw some loc-tite on these myself. The MDT scope rings I use say they don't need loc-tite if torqued down...
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    Shooting Safely on Public Lands

    Since I've never seen many resources for public land shooting I thought it might be a decent idea to write about how ranges are templated. It's something I learned in the military but can also apply to public land use for long range shooting, matches (which I know some guys that do this) or even...
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    ORYX Chassis Giveaway

    4 Days left to enter a giveaway to win 1 of 2 Oryx Chassis in any inlet we offer. ENTER HERE
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    Oryx Chassis Giveaway

    Good question! We do have SA models but if you're looking for a LA left hand the best is to leave us a request at the top left of the page. We don't currently have any plans for one at the moment that I know of. If we can a bunch of requests then adding a LA LH inlet would be looked at...
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    Oryx Chassis Giveaway

    We're giving away 2 Oryx Chassis for Christmas! Thinking of doing a custom build or want to try switching from a stock to a chassis? Follow our social media accounts to entries into our Christmas Giveaway Click the link bellow to follow our social media accounts and enter. Sharing with friends...
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    ORYX Black Friday Sale - $299.95 Factory Seconds

    You would be on the Canadian site for that price. It's the conversion from USD.
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    Need advice on proper shooting style for LRH.

    I keep both eyes open for quick target acquisition and situational awareness. Sometimes the left eye closes before the shot if I feel the need.
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    ORYX Black Friday Sale - $299.95 Factory Seconds

    The sale doesn't go live until 3PM. We'll post the updated link to the website as soon as we make it live.
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    ORYX Black Friday Sale - $299.95 Factory Seconds

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE goes LIVE at 3pm (1500hrs) PST on 25 Nov 20201 until Midnight on 29 Nov. Black Friday is the one time of year we sell off our factory seconds chassis. They're 100% functional but only have a cosmetic defect that we wouldn't want someone to pay full price for. Only $299.95...
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    1176 yard bull

    Awesome. Very nice bull.
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    What is your average hunting shot distance?

    If I take the average of all my "hunting" shots, I'm going to be hitting about 16.8m. I shoot a lot more grouse up close than I do anything else. I'm not complaining though.
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    Packable poncho

    Snugpak makes a really nice ponch that fits over a pack. If you're walking through the bush in the rain though then waterproof jackets and pants are the way to go. Water resistant clothing only lasts for so long and ponchos get all kinds of snags on stuff.
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    Who makes warm boots?

    I've used Redwing boots on the oil rigs in Alberta and they're great down to -20C (-4F). More moving around there though than sitting. I've been wanting to try the Irish Setters but they come with a bit of a price tag. Alternatively, I don't know if you can find them in your area but a few...
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    compass use

    I use the Garmin inreach Explorer +. It's nice having the security blanket of the SOS function, but also being able to text people that I need a ride incase my truck breaks down deep in the bush which is more likely than a catastrophic medical emergency.