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    Hey there, you are probably getting allot of this but if you come by any H4350 I would be...

    Hey there, you are probably getting allot of this but if you come by any H4350 I would be grateful. I have other powders we can trade if need be too. Thanks Jim
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    A&D FX-120i powder scales worth it

    Yes! Great scale I would do it again. I have the auto trickler V2 setup. Love it. If I could sell the V2 I would get the V3. Great! Stupendous setup!
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    Antelope with the girls

    Looks like a great time. I Love seeing happy families! And a nice buck too!
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    BAT Actions

    I have two Defiance actions and one BAT. I prefer my BAT. All are very accurate. I have not had my BAT in dusty field conditions yet so I cannot vouch for binding issues or not. The defiance are bomb proof. The BAT is smoother in my opinion.
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    Bro's Wasatch Bull

    Nice bull guys! Congratulations!
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    Got my squirrel rifle tuned up and ready.; Thats just a little .22 pistol. LOL! I can take it off your hands if you would like! LOL! Very Nice, Very Nice! Jim
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    Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Charge weight or seating depth…

    I start about .20 off and do a coarse seating test. Then find pressure, then ladder for a node and check groups at the best nodes including ES/SD. I may or may not try a different primmer at this point or if it looks like poop I change powder. Then I do a fine seating for fine tuning. Stay in...
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    New Zealand Hunting

    Well I hope you boys get out soon. My wife is the Kiwi. We miss the fam very much. We will likely move back to the South Island at some point but she is still working here in the states and we don't know where the kids are gonna plant their roots yet. I think our little girl is gonna stay in NZ...
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    New Zealand Hunting

    Well looks like the NZ thing will in fact be on hold. Can't go unless you are a Kiwi. I hope all goes well.
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    powder funnel blues

    One question gangsters. Does the Satern funnel have a caliber specific hole the full length of the drop or does it neck down at the bottom near the case to the caliber being loaded for? I know weird question just curious. Thanks in advance Jim
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    Best method to crimp? Please no discussion about merits of crimp, OK?

    Get the Lee Factory Crimp die. Very easy to use and it works well.
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    Hammer Hunter Seating Depth

    Then again... I am way down the rabbit hole with this sport. I am OCD and can't stop tinkering. It's all part of the fun for me...
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    Hammer Hunter Seating Depth

    I find my max COAL and reduce .02. Then I do a rough seating test to find the best seating depth for that bullet rifle setup. The group does change in my experience. Then to the rest of my load development. I can also say, crimping works! ButterBean helped me out with this and it does improve ES...
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    Bix n Andy rust?

    I use brake clean as they suggest. You can wipe the parts down with Kiwi polish but make sure all the residue is wiped off clean and proper.
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    Bed both ends of rail or just one end???

    Yes agreed! Bed the entire rail equally. Don't tighten the screws. Just finger snug. Check several times until the cure begins.