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    Zero range

    We're talking about different things. I meant sometimes people think that a longer zero range will increase the adjustable range of the optic. If they zero at 100 and run out of adjustment at 800 yds, maybe if they change their zero to 200 or 300yds they'll have more adjustment to reach out to...
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    Zero range

    Your question was listed near another post I just made. Glad I read the prior comments. All of the advice is very accurate. My suggestion is zero 100yds because it is easier, which usually means more accurate. Depending on how you use your rifle, zeroing 1" high at 100yds might be best for...
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    Any experience with OptiCo scopes?

    Hello, wish I had seen this when you posted though I think we spoke on the phone. The warranty is actually lifetime transferable. The initial early terms were changed after feedback in the early months. Our objective is: to be the best accurate value for hunters shooting the confident limit...

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