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    For Sale 7MM 284 Bullets

    I will take the Bergers if they are the hunting elite bullets?
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    Want To Buy 300 Weatherby Brass

    I have some weatherby brass. 2 boxes of 20 each that is new.
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    Cooper Warranty changes

    My bad. Have a good day, what is left of it!!!
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    Cooper Warranty changes

    The second part of the conversation had nothing to do with who makes the most money. I was saying they do what they say they will do in the real world. You need to lose the chip and talk or write about things you know, not assumptions. thanks.
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    Cooper Warranty changes

    No if you read what i wrote you would have seen i said" I will give you that they don't test fire them at a 100."
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    Cooper Warranty changes

    I'm guessing you don't own a Cooper and probably never have. I will give you that they don't test fire them at 100, but the 3 I have all shoot under .5 moa when i do my part. 25/06, 280ai, 300 weatherby mag.
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    Want To Buy 204 Ruger

    pm sent
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    Berger 156’s instock

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    6.5 nosler 130 accubonds

    put me in line if either back out.
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    WTT-Nosler 7mm (.284) 150 Gr. Accubonds

    How many 160 AB's in the 7mm do you have? I may have 2 boxes of the 150 abs for trade? thanks.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vhitavuori powder dump at powder valley

    They haven't had 568 for over 30 minutes now.
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    Bullet selection on 7mm.

    I'm a big fan of the Accubonds. Like them in all of my rifles.