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  1. O wife cant see consistently through th scope.

    First thing I see is the same problem my wife has. I finally got her to quit holding the rifle straight in front of her (Shoulders square to LOS, like your wife's picture is) Your left shoulder is in front of your right, she needs to do the same. Have her stand up and hold the rifle angled way...
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    .280 or 6.5x284 for elk

    IME, my 280AI shoots very close to 7MM Remmag velocities. Like many others have stated in this thread, your 280 REM load seems slow. I shoot 160gr Sierra GameKings as well as 162gr SST out of it up to 3045fps. Nosler shows over 2900fps with MagPro and the 160gr Partition in the standard 280REM...
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    You'll get excellent velocity and accuracy with IMR7977. Works great in my 270WIN's, as does Hybrid 100V and MagPro. Ramshot Magnum does well, too. The new StaBALL 6.5 mimics Hybrid 100V and is temp insensitive. Hard to beat a plain old Sierra 150gr GameKing. Last cow I shot was at 465 yds and...
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    Crazy 7mm build

    I've seen several people reference ELD-M's for hunting purposes. How well do they expand and perform on game? Does the tip initiate expansion like the ELD-X does? I use the 162gr ELD-X in my 280AI and it's the nuts out as far as 1000M. Last week I took a 40-50 pound piglet at 675yds with it...
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    Why the 6.5 caliber?

    Remington should have hired people like Hornady's PR crew years ago and they wold still be great like they used to be. 6.5, .277, 7MM (remember when it was King?), .308, etc etc. It's just the Flavor of the Koolade. Shoot what you like and can shoot well and don't ask it to do more than it can.
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    280 AI Velocity problems!?

    Maybe you should read all the posts before coloring us all just speed freaks. My Post says my max load for the 140gr is "boringly accurate". That holds true for the 162ELD-X load as well; I kill gallon milk jugs at 700yds no problem shooting off my tailgate. Accuracy trumps velocity to be sure...
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    280 AI Velocity problems!?

    My SAAMI chambered, 26" barrel 280AI gives me 3235fps MV with a 140gr SGK and a max load (61.0gr) of Alliant's 4000-MR. Boringly accurate. I prefer the 160-165gr bullets for any distance over 300yds, also 175gr SGK's, with a max charge of MagPro. (3045fps with Horn 162gr ELD-X and 64gr of...
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    280AI. Need info

    I've been a 270WIN fan all my life, started reloading it in 1964. Had a Weatherby rebarreled from 270WIN to 280AI about 4 years ago. I simply love it. Boringly accurate. Easy to load from 7mm Waters up to 7MM Rem Mag. Fire-forming '06 brass results in cases a little short, best to use 280REM...
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    I seriously doubt Jack O'Connor felt under-gunned with his 270WIN.... Last elk I shot was at 465yds with a 270WSM and a 150gr Sierra Game King. Broke both front legs and breastbone. Made it 10 yds. First elk I shot was at 105yds same bullet, same rifle. Bang/flop behind the shoulder. Kicked 3...
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    Brass cleaning issue

    @MT257 and @Wayne Huff Wayne is most probably right plus if you used Brasso in it, it contains ammonia which is bad news for ammo brass. Go to a pet store and get lizard litter. It's way cheap. Run it with nothing but old dryer sheets (don't ever use new sheets, you'll get icky crap on the...
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    Long range mule deer rifle

    Built my 280AI on a Vanguard action. It is stupid accurate. I prefer the 160-162gr bullets for hunting, especially the 162 ELD-X. I shoot 175gr Sierra GK and the 162ELD-X out to 1000m at steel, but limit my deer hunting to 500-750yds. This rifle/barrel is standard weight with a can. Easy to load...
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    Dead soft brass!

    @BoatTail The smoke you are seeing is the impurities being burned off, not losing some of the alloys like you are thinking. Impurities are things like oil, wax, dirt, etc. The brass is still the same alloy unless you actually melt it to liquid form. So salvage what brass you can like others...
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    Help chosing an Elk Cartridge.

    My guide for two years out of Raton told me he preferred 270WSM. It's all his wife uses for deer and elk. I shot one elk each of those two years using my Rem 700 270WSM loaded with Sierra's 150gr SGK at about 3000fps MV. First was 106yds bang/flop behind shoulders; second was 465yd shot. Broke...
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    Axis deer hunting in Texas

    Thank you Roland for the factoid. First time my wife tasted an axis steak she wanted me to give up whitetail and elk and just hunt axis. :D
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    270wsm with 145 eldx

    You can get Alliant data here: Hodgdon Date here: Take Aim at Rifle Reloading Data | Hodgdon Reloading I load my REM700 270WSM with MagPro: 130gr Sierra ProHunter with 74.5gr, 140gr Accubond with 72.0gr, 150gr SGK with...

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