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    264 win mag for elk?

    In 1957 I shot my first deer with an 03-A3 cut down to 20", running away at 200 yds standing off hand... thought I was pretty hot step Dad reamed me a new one for the running shot. Next year, another nice 4x mulie with 30-30 saddle gun. Couple of years down the road the old man had...
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    Better 6mm (not 243W) for hunting? Which one?

    I have just rebarreled my 6mm Remington, rem model 722, 26" barrel, 8 twist...previous barrel was 8.25 twist, shoots 75 gr hp with 46 gr H4831 less than .25 inch. New barrel same. Old barrel shot over 3000 rounds. I have shot deer, javelinas, coyotes, antelope, and one 6x elk with it. I used...
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    Best 7mm cartridge?

    Don't have any problem here (Phoenix) with either ammo or brass for 7mm WBY Mag. Brass is $35, ammo is $55 to $92. Hornady 7mm RM ammo is $50. Problem???
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    Working up loads for magnums

    I work on the premise that virtually all of my hunting shots will be cold barrel. I clean between each with a bore snake, set that rifle aside and work on the next rifle; so often with a three gun rotation it is about 30 minutes between firings. Typically the 7mm Weatherby, 6.5-300 Weatherby...
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    Reloads causing soot on brass/bolt

    First off, do factory and reloads do the same?? Second does the soot/black stuff occur just around the neck or does it go down the neck unevenly? If the the latter my diagnosis is a defective chamber. I have experienced this with a number of makes, mostly bolt actions. A close friend brought...
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    Best 7mm cartridge?

    What is too heavy to hunt with????
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    Best 7mm cartridge?

    Save yourself time and frustration, 7mm Weatherby Mag. I have 3 7mms, and the Weatherby is the best by far. I reload and I am over 10 loads on five boxes. I bought 2 boxes of factory and all the rest (13) is unprimed brass, [email protected] Barrel has at least 1200 rounds thru it and looks great. I am...
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    Leupold Scopes...Do you trust them today?

    I have a bunch of Leupolds, never had a problem with any of them. There are 7 6.5x20x56 on my 257 Wby, 7 mm Wby, 7 mm REM BAR, 7 mm REM T3, 6.5-300 Wby, 300 Wby, & 6 mm REM custom, and VXIIIs on the other 6 rifles, from 222 to 300 Win Mag. I bought one with a B&C reticle and sent it back in...
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    7mm RM Recipe for Muley Hunt

    I shoot a Wby 7mm mag, a Tika 7mm rem mag, both 26", and a Browning BAR 7mm rem mag 24". I Use H4831, IMR 7828 in all three. I use Hornady 154 SST or 140 Nos in all three. The Wby likes either the T 3 the 154, the BAR goes for the 140 Nos Silver tip. Accuracy is Wby, Tika and BAR, .3", .6"...
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    Shooting in the Rain

    I wonder, when I pull the trigger on a rainy day, how many rain drops will be lined up with the curving flight path of my mach three bullet in it's .08 second hundred yard flight? Should I do the probability computations??? Nah, I am just gonna enjoy myself.
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    Definitely don’t want to zero with a magnetospeed!

    There is another factor no one is talking about, taking a shot with things not in our normal array of variables, something hanging off the barrel that isn't a part of "normal"! Any distraction will magnify minor flaws in shooting habits.
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    Kill the wolf?

    What you say is very true...ever heard the saying "power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts"? Most very wealthy have their agendas, some are actually good but the majority are rubbing shoulders with the urber wealthy and are blissfully unaware they are being used for nefarious...
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    Definitely don’t want to zero with a magnetospeed!

    Because it isn't just geometry, is a combination, of physics, conditions, aerodynamics, bullet variances powder inconsistency....a lot of variables.
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    Definitely don’t want to zero with a magnetospeed!

    But, it still must be beyond the end of the barrel and in close proximity to the bullet path. There are a lot of variables in play.

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