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    Rangefinder binos vs hand held Rangefinder

    I use the RF binos for pdog shooting as I don't have to carry them. They are typically heavier. For hunting I carry regular binos and a compact RF.
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    Small Base Die - Worth the Money?

    I had to grind some off my shell holder so I could get my 25WSSM's back where they would chamber. The WSSM's and I assume WSM brass is a little thicker that normal brass on say a 30-06. Also have to anneal every time.
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    Saw for cutting down brass??

    The metal blade that comes with it works just fine. You'll want to make up some kind of fixture to speed up the process.
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    Which annealing machine do you recommend?

    There's also Annie:
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    Which annealing machine do you recommend?

    If it uses torches with a timing setup then the performance will be the same with all the machines. The only thing more consistent are the induction machines.
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    Which annealing machine do you recommend?

    Made my own with a Bomb air cylinder, 12v gear motor from Amazon and a time relay.Lets me do rimmed cases easily.
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    .17 H Hornet brass from .22 Hornet

    A lot of the 17 hornet hornady brass is also undersize above the rim. Drove my smith nuts thinking the chamber reamer was off when he rebarreled my buddy’s CZ.
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    .17 H Hornet brass from .22 Hornet

    FYI. Factory loaded hornady brass will have a 5-10% dropout rate from splits. It’s crappy. Anneal before loading.
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    .17 H Hornet brass from .22 Hornet

    While the rim is the same, the body was beefed up and is thicker then the 22 hornet. Don't know how well it would work. That said, the 17 Hornet is a great round on pdogs.
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    How clean is clean ?

    Pretty much my experience too. I usually finish up with a patch with Ballistol. In my experience the smaller calibers will shoot on target from the first shot and a clean barrel. My Savage 270 would take 4-5 shots to settle down. First shot at 200yds would be 8" low. The new Hart barrel on it...
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    how many rounds to shoot out a barrel?

    The actions were noted for being exceptionally strong.
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    For those who NEVER clean their bore, or almost never

    Reality is even low cost rifles are shooting better than high dollar ones 25 years ago. Better barrels and better practices are why. Bore scoping take out some of the variables.
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    Wsm rifle

    25 WSM here. Shoots great and no feeding issues in my Winchester Coyote.
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    Active Elk hunting outer layer clothing and boots for snow/rain?

    I think my coat is the jetstream and pants are the mountain. I’ve had them 8-10 years regrets.